Facebook Forum Rules

Please do not message individual moderators/admins about group related issues.

Click here for FB Group Related Help and Support

If you cannot find the group you’ve probably been banned. Not all bans are permanent. Just send a message as mentioned above, share the broken rule and request reinstatement. No apologies etc. required. We’ll reinstate you ASAP if the rule allows for it.

If you’re being bullied for any reason via comments, please report the comment via the comment menu. If you’re receiving bullying direct/private messages please share screenshots and a detailed context by writing to support.

This is a live document that is modified from time to time for easier comprehension by readers, logical improvement of structure, amendments for improved frameworks and transparency, and more. Please revisit it from time to time. Please feel free to contact support to clarify any questions. If you’re a moderator, please refer to the table of penalties in the Mod Squad as required.

1. Allowed

Please feel free to do any of the following, at any time, without attached conditions, as long as any other sections are not violated.

  1. Post anything related to food
  2. Share photos with or without recipes: The sharing of recipes is at the poster’s own discretion. Do not bully posters for recipes.
  3. Upload food videos: Share your own food videos by uploading them to the group.
  4. Share anyone’s post from the group’s main wall, to any other location, by using the Share button, without seeking the poster’s permission
  5. Post or comment in any language
  6. Tag a moderator if you need help
  7. Report a post or comment to the Admin if it is in violation of these rules
  8. Share links to other CAL FB groups, CAL FB pages, CAL websites and other CAL social media accounts etc.

2. Allowed Conditionally

The following actions are conditionally allowed or have restrictions on their use. Please read carefully and understand them.

  1. Posting non-food topics: They are relatively rarely approved and take into consideration the member’s history of sharing high quality food related content prior to approval, if at all.
  2. Messaging individual moderators/admins: Please do so only for urgent situations from the group’s point of view or to escalate an issue that support has been unable to deal with. Your personal issues, unapproved posts, wanting to know the reasons for a penalty, curiosity etc. are not urgent from the group’s point of view. Please visit the CAL FB page (click) for group related help and support.
  3. Restaurant reviews: Sharing sincere, non-malicious, honest and accurate reviews on restaurants and food related products / services, including tagging their FB pages and posting photos, only if you aren’t associated with the restaurant / product or services in any manner, except as a customer without exposure to any bias inducing elements such as discounts, freebies and coupons among others.
  4. Sharing blog links and other sites: Sharing links to blogs and other websites, only if you aren’t associated with the shared link, website or blog in any manner. Specifically, the following, among other social media accounts / platforms may not be shared if you’re associated with them in any manner.
    1. YouTube links
    2. Pinterest links
    3. Instagram links
    4. Blog links
    5. All other social media platforms
  5. Sharing images/recipes without giving credit: This may be done only if credit isn’t being claimed in any manner, direct or indirect, explicitly or implicitly by the poster, and subject to deletion based on moderator discretion in addition to a request for deletion by the original owner. Accepting compliments, implicitly or explicitly, for photos or recipes that aren’t your own, is considered plagiarism.
  6. Sharing memes and forwards: The sharing of food related memes, forwards and other such content, is allowed, depending on the overall numbers of such posts in the group and the amount of quality food posts by the member.
  7. Hashtags: Using hashtags is allowed, up to a maximum of 4. These must be properly formed, else they aren’t hashtags. (Right: ‘#Hashtag’ / Wrong: ‘# Hashtag’ – no space should exist between ‘#’ and tag). Use of emojis must be in moderation, and there should be spaces in between words. All of these help others find your posts easily later via searches in addition to making them more readable.

3. Not Allowed

  1. Unauthorized promotions: Conducting unauthorized promotions in any manner, direct or indirect, explicit or implicit, including but not limited to the following scenarios. Posts will be judged as promotional and penalized at the discretion of the moderators. Note that instant, permanent bans are applicable for promoting / sharing YouTube and/or Instagram channels, accounts and videos you own or are associated with. There are no no exceptions.
    1. Sharing links: Sharing links to/from blogs, FB profiles, FB pages, FB groups, YouTube videos or channels, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, contests, social causes, home baking, home food ventures and businesses among other platforms/ventures/social media accounts the member owns or is associated with. If the member is not associated in any manner with the shared links, they are free to post/share links.
    2. Sharing work product: Sharing or posting of products belonging to categories that are available for sale by the poster are considered promotional, even if the intent is non-promotional, as we cannot judge intent on an individual basis.
    3. Watermarks: Inclusion of commercial, social media account or brand watermarks among others, on posted images. Please consider using your own name for protecting your intellectual property, if your name does not have a commercial presence.
    4. Indirect promotions: Sending blog or other links by PM, or asking members to PM/DM for a recipe, in addition to other scenarios that result in indirect promotion.
    5. All other forms of promotion: Any other act that results in the promotion of a property or venture, tangible or intangible.
  2. Health and Wellness content: Making health and wellness related claims for blog posts or recipes, asking health and wellness related questions, making health and wellness related comments or giving health and wellness related advice.
  3. Blocking a moderator / admin or private profiles: Doing so or having such a profile prevents moderators from functioning properly, such as checking link associations with those posted on the members’ profiles and communicating with them via comments on the group among other contexts.
  4. Posting content or behaving in a manner that is deemed to be against the spirit of the group, at the discretion of individual moderators.
  5. Unacceptable Behaviour: Being rude, sexist, anti-social (including the use of ‘F’ etc to follow a post; use the ‘Follow’ option in the post menu instead), abusive, discriminatory, sexually explicit; Discussing religion or politics; Posting spam; Posting intentionally provocative content or unintentional but overly provocative content; Sharing pornography; Sharing misinformation about current affairs; Obstructing group activities directly or indirectly; Supporting rule violations through silence, likes, comments or other mediums, express or implied; Harassing moderators by directly messaging them for group related help and support; Repeatedly breaking the rules, ignoring or not acting on a moderator’s instructions, questions or notifications; Stalking members; Sending members sexually explicit messages; Continuing to message members after being asked not to do so; Falsely claiming, implicitly or explicitly, ownership of content including recipes and images; Promoting piracy by uploading copyrighted material that isn’t explicitly released to the public domain.

4. Exceptions

  1. CALiterati, CAL Poetry : These groups allows the sharing and promotion of the following, even if commercial, by anyone, including those associated with the share etc. as long as the subject matter of the share is about books and poetry.
    1. Events
    2. Book reviews
    3. Instagram / Facebook / YouTube links
    4. Blogs
  2. CAL Wellness and Intermittent Fasting for Health and Wellness groups: These groups allow the sharing of health related information and commentary, preferably accompanied by supporting links from
    1. NCBI
    2. healthline.com
    3. livestrong.com
    4. calwellness.in
  3. Share the Work and Share the Links Program: If you have a blog and would like to share links, please join our team and help us manage our groups and social platforms. The work is about 10 minutes a day on average (such as tagging posts, approving posts/members etc.) and everyone on the CAL team can share links and promote stuff on CAL platforms, in a reasonable manner. Please speak with Sujata Shukla if you’re interested. She is on the list of CAL moderators and can be messaged on FB. Please note, we have limited openings in the team. The criteria for inclusion, their application subject to our discretion, in this program are as follows:
    1. Duration of membership: The member must have been a member of a CAL group for at least 6 months.
    2. Quality of interactions: The member should be seen to be actively interacting on different posts via comments and likes, as well as actively contributing to the group for the duration of their membership.
    3. Age of blog: The blog must be at least 12 months old.
    4. Quality of blog: The blog will be examined for the quality of writing, recipes, information, uniqueness etc.
    5. Quality of intended contribution: The member will be asked to share their suggestions for improvement for a given CAL group. This is to verify their understanding of a moderator’s perspective as well as the quality of their thought.
  4. Self promotion by Moderators: Moderators may conduct reasonable self promotion in return for the time they spend moderating. For blogger-moderators, this self promotion takes the form of sharing their blog links. For others, it could be about their businesses etc.

Selling Products

We’re allowing buying and selling food related items in the Chef at Large group, from small/home businesses, including but not limited to services, recipes and food deliveries. A specific list of allowed categories will be updated here shortly. This is a trial to assist entrepreneurs at a time when quite a few businesses, especially food businesses have been hit hard. Items below in bold are required for your post to be approved.

  • food related items only
  • price, photo, description should be included
  • pickup/delivery location should be included
  • a specific, single item per post (no menus)
  • include #CALMarket hashtag

Listings must comply with Facebook’s Commerce Policy, on violation of which you may receive a message from FB.

Also note:

  • Transactions: all transactions are between buyer and seller. Chef at Large has no role to play and no responsibility to buyers and sellers for any aspect of these posts.
  • Who can post: We encourage small businesses and restaurants with products or services. Please do not use these posts for affiliate marketing, reselling, MLM, work-from-home schemes etc.
  • Links: Absolutely no social media links from any platform, for any purpose/intent may be included. A website link to the product page can be included.
  • Videos: Please upload videos in your post. Please do not include YouTube links or promote your YouTube channel or other social media in your post, including video, pictures or textual content.
  • Timings: Post any day of the week at any time.
  • Locations: All locations worldwide are allowed
  • When: Start posting anytime you want
  • Pre-approvals and Fees: None required
  • Disallowed: health and wellness related items
  • Maximum posts per day: One, at this point.
  • Behaviour: Seller must be available to answer questions. Please don’t post and disappear.
  • Ownership: Product/business should be owned by the seller

(as we move along, the above list may change. Please check back from time to time)

114 replies on “Facebook Forum Rules”

Hi, want to know the reason behind my b an? I hv not used any bad languages or did anything. Thanks, swati

If we know of someone who falsely posts pics…like the dishes are not made by them..and yet they take false credits…but being closely associated can’t point them publicly..what to be done??

Sir.. Suddenly my post got deleted and all the notification also…. Can’t search this group on Facebook.. Pl do the needful..I am regularly following up this group.. Thanks

i also got deleted and all posts gone cant reach to grp sir pls let me reach this… i am also a regular followers of this

Hello to the moderator,
Was happy to see such a platform to share receipes amongst so many members… Looking at the posts early morning in london gave such sweet memories from india…. But unfortunately i cant see any more posts… I assume i have broken some rule which i was not aware off then and even now. Just feeling sad to have lost that lovely connection…
Hope this resolves sometime soon.
Thanks vaishali

dear sir,
I don’t know the reason why I am not getting any notifications from chef at large.
Pls do the needful .
Thanking you in advance,
With a Warm Regards ,

Dear sir,
I have written moderator but this same mail comes to me. Pls help. I want to join this group again. I have not broken any rules. I case u think I am extemerly sorry .
Waiting for ur response.
Thanking u in advance
With warm regards
Kiran takkar

This content is currently unavailable
The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
Return home

I am unable to any updates from chef at large but the reply from ur side said that I have not followed ur rules but I had posted only 3 times on the group.And as far I remember I didn’t do anything against the rules. It will b very appreciative of u ppl if u can throw sum light on it.

Please help me I made a mistake n I got the punishment also….
n my ban was extended for 2 weeks. …
Today it has been 3rd week….
After extention of ban they said ul allow me again to join the group. …
From past week I have tried to mail to the moderator many time but I didn’t get any reply from them….
Pls as I made mistake I got punishment also now I apologise again n again….
Pls accept my apologie n allow me to join group again…..

yesterday mrng I woke up asusual to find some mouthwatering recipes from CAL. To my horror, I was terrified to find it missing.for nearly half a day I was searing through various names, thinking that the group name was changed or the group no longer existed.but what shocked me the most is when few minutes before I realised that I was blocked and I don’t know the reason. I just want to know if there is any procedure to join the group again.

I saw the group on facebook, and the about section says in bold to visit this page for forum rules and to paraphrase
“These are implemented *very* strictly and we sincerely suggest you read them at the earliest to ensure a long, happy stay.”.

But surprise, surprise… The forum rules are private and requires forced membership to the website. If that is so, you should declare openly on the group that membership is open only to registered users of the website. Why coerce people to register if your intention is just that forum rules be followed.

Sid Khullar….. how dare you call me moron. Don’t u know how to talk to a lady and have d guts to ban me for banning me frm ur group for breaking god knows which rule and then u ban me from messenger also. U don’t have decency to talk and u r not my boss and none at all have any right to call me moron. U better apologise to me or i m gonna sue u. Who gave u this right. God will punish u for being this arrogant one day. Ghamand aisa totega ki kahin ke nahi rahoge. U r not God.
Sangeeta chandra

I got banned today without any valid reason may be moderator felt like that. Its fine for me as I was getting continuous updates and I couldnt able to find and read updates from my friends. When you feel to add me again then also inform me how to get out of such heavy load of updates. Thanks

dear sir,
I want to join CAL again, please add me. I am extremely sorry for my mistake, actually I was not aware of the rules. but now I have gone through them. please add me once again sir.

tejinder kaur

Respected sir,

please allow me to rejoin CAL. I am very feeling depressed since yesterday afternoon, when I was not able to see any of posts from CAL. I request you once again to allow me to join CAL. I will be very thankful to you.

tejinder kaur

Hi sid sir
This is my last message.I know after this you will ban me from this also
I said sorry because I braked the rule by posting it from facebook its self and then also I posted because the idea was new.if the idea was old no one would liked it or no one would comment on it.this is my last explanation but still il be waiting for ur message.
Please I’m sorry give me a last chance….cal does really means a lot to me….
sorry sid sir……

Hi sid sir…
I think this will be my last message because you are going to ban from me from this also
BUT THE ONE LINE EXPLANATION IS “The vedio which I posted was from facebook it’s self then also I have posted that vedio because that idea was new if the ideas would be new no one would like or comment on it”
please sir this is my request please understand me and give me a last chance to join in cal
sorry I’m not lieing Please give me last chance ????

Hi dear moderators

It’s so commendable what you guys do and I can’t say that enough, Thanks for posting the link to the rules on CAL on Facebook.

I just re-read the rules and found some new additions.

I must congratulate you and the team to have provided us all with such comprehensive but easily comprehensible guidelines. I’m sincerely in awe of your efforts and amazing work of so many great chefs and people on CAL.

Kudos to the entire team!

Big hug and lots love to you guys! Stay blessed!

Feeling bad & sad to read Sid sir’s post
“So, please don’t write in begging and pleading to be allowed back in. Suck it up and deal with it.”….

i am begging or requesting because i want to be a part of CAL and not to disturb you sir.

Well no more mails now as its not working bcz its your group, your rules and your decision and i really respect.

A very belated happy birthday to you Sid Sir, I wish god bless you with health wealth & progress in life.

Bye bye CAL.

Anshu, it gives us no pleasure to ban people such. Requests to read the rules as well as links to the rules are mentioned in the dozens of warnings that the Mods post every single day as individual comments. The same is included in the group’s description as well, in addition a link to the rules present in the description text of every cover image. Despite this, less than 10% of members have taken the time to read the rules.

We have therefore decided to permanently ban anyone, who breaks any rule. If we were to reinstate members based on apologies and promises of future behavior, we would need to do so for everyone and you will agree that does not promise to be a fruitful endeavor. I therefore suggest scouting for other groups, most of whom will not be as strict about the rules as we are, and of which hundreds exist.

Hello Sid Sir,
I completely agree with you. I was only 20 days old on CAL so was not aware of all this. my all friends are on cal and they will help me to learn new things so need to join other groups. :)

***my all friends are on cal and they will help me to learn new things so “no” need to join other groups. :)

The reason is, you broke a rule. Now, if you didn’t have the courtesy to read the rules, I’m certainly not going to spend the time to let you know which one.

Hello sid ,
you blocked me yesterday for posting non cal post. I know that I broke your rules but you have to warn me before blocking me.
Now I know my mistake and apologies for that. I already contacted on moderator @chefatlarge. com but they refused my request. I am your member from many months. Now , it’s upto you to take appropriate action on your loyal members.

It’s already 2 months gone. Now please re invite me again. And I apologise for my inappropriate behaviour. I am missing CAL very much.
Sid , please invite me back….

its my favorite page … i am learning many dishes with out any cost….everybody are chef by our self….

In the highest courts of law, a’ criminal’ is at least allowed the kindness of being informed about the nature of his crime…are we , the exiles, not even deemed fit for that…??

Actually, the police do the charging and the courts decide if the charges are valid, with the defendant being allowed to defend themselves against said charges. That however is in a democracy, where the perception of power to the people exists. Chef at Large is not, as clearly stated in the rules, a democracy. Every member has a single opportunity to read the rules and adhere to them. If they do not do so, and consequently break the rules, they are permanently banned. Additionally, those who support rule breakers, by liking their comments or posts, are also permanently. Finally, as mentioned in the rules, we are not obliged to share details of why members were banned. Chef at Large is not a contractual service and has not consented to be treated as such.

I am a member of this group from a long time but more like a silent spectator, i love to read all the posts and sometimes contribute too if its useful to others. not being very active is hopefully not a reason for which i could be banned sometime in future….. Just curious kindly reply…

Read the rules please. If the rules are broken, you will be banned. Else, you’re alright. Again, *please* read the rules. Do not mail me later asking to be let back in etc.

Hello Banned Friends :)
people do mistakes, when cal banned them we ask reasons, when they said you broke rules we said no we did not, then people beg. if they do no accept request people say bad for moderator & Sid Sir. Why don’t we accept our mistake and find another way to learn from Cal? Cal banned me but still learning many dishes daily from Cal by taking help of my friends and others. If we give positively it ill be back to us. Stop saying bad for people who is providing a good platform for beginners as well as cooking experts.

Hello sir
I want to join your group… as one of mine best friend told me about ur group.. pls accept my request….

Adyant jain

Good Evening admins
I had been removed from the group because i shared the video on the page, i apologise for this act and sir i requested to rejoin the group but got rejected, don’t know why??

Seeking reply

Thanks for the reply sir but i was really unwared about this, even i asked the members that can i post video related to food and beverage they said ‘yes’ but shouldn’t be offensive, and Sir i read the rule number 14 rejoining after ban it says that rejoining will range from 1week or more and the group is visible to me and shows join option to me
Accept my apologies

Thanks for immediate reply sir, and i just would like to thank you for running a very good group of great chefs, i learnt many recipes and techniques given by the members, i wish i could rejoin but this is my punishment, in last sorry for breaking the rule, accept apologies.


Namaste… I m Ami Kawa. For d past 2 daz m nt getting ne notifications frm CAL.. pls do let me why?? My net was nt wrking properly for d past couple of daz.. I came to know yesterday tht hvnt recevd ne notifications.. If I m wrong on my part..pls do kemme me know…

Hello Admin,
May I know why I’m abandoned from Chef at Large? There must be some reason…. It’s very painful that I’m blocked from this group….. I don’t know why?….. I never use any slang language or never post any promotional links…. so please tell me the reason… I’ll be waiting for your reply….. Please do reply.

Thank you for writing in.

If you are unable to access the group entirely, it is possible your profile’s access has been revoked for breaking one or more rules. As mentioned in the rules, moderators are not obliged to keep track of, intimate members of rule violations or let banned members know what rule they have broken. Members are expected to read the very simple set of rules and follow them in letter and spirit, failing which, they will be permanently banned.

If I don’t get a warning, then how can I understand that I’m making a mistake. I have read all the rules, but honestly cannot figure out why I’m banned from this group. Still please accept my apology & please give me a chance & add me back. This is a very good platform for learning & I don’t want to miss that.

M not a very active member but very religious follower of the group.. And really very upset after being banded from the group! Was in mist of migrating to a new country with a toddler and plus m pregnant I could not write earlier as I was banded in first week of May only! Since m such a naive in cooking this group was very good support n platform for me to learn! Will really appreciate if you add me back…. I have read rules but honestly cannot figure out why a silent follower like me would get ban may be I must have liked some inappropriate post m aware of all the rules but after all we are humans only to make unintational mistakes. I have never been warned also n was member since almost a year. Consider my good conduct and honesty n add me back!! ????

All of a sudden i m not getting any notifications from cal group. Please help me ! Let me know if i made any mistake. Please let me be in again if its banned by any reason m unaware of, please

can i know thw reason as to why am i banned from the group. I posted the recipe of carrot cake on the group and after that i have been removed and banned. Is this the way to treat newly added members…

I want to know thw reason for such creulty

Chill …!

Come on KHULLAR sir what do you mean by plagiarist there are so many recipes on internet available all the ingredients are same how do you say it’s copied do you have any proof to say it’s plagiarist arey ek group open karke logon ko pagal bana rahe ho … Vese bhi group ke log sab begginers hi hai just like home bakers and home makers not professional !

Chalo i will tell you for example i read your magazine you post recipe on some pages the same recipe available on net phir jo recipe aap jo print kar rahe ho woh kya something new and innovative hai kya no baba nahi it’s also copied from some where right … Make your group rules friendly, easy going chaai se bhi rules kadak hai …

Another example is it garima’s karachi biscuit is copyrighted no never and it’s not exact recipe too so many tried and so many posted picture and shared her recipe in same group why didn’t you block them now i tell you one chef aur food ke group mein matti se bana hua ganeshji ko kya lena dena so many unwanted wishes and it’s pics spam the group have you seen still they have been kept pending for block.

More over do you run group by paying money to facebook sab free hai sirji kal ka kya haal kisiko nahi pata don’t make people to beg …

Even after when people request you don’t add ab meri bhi boli kadak hai aap socho sirji socho ?

If you strictly follow the rules don’t delete this comment reply on same page instead of sending me personal message never ignore such comments this will give bad impact to your brand name.

I need valid reason with positive reply.

Hi Sid Sir,

Apologies for bothering you on messenger, I have learnt a lot from this group since past 1 year, being banned is I know it was my mistake. And I did take time to go through the rules when I joined. Since it was too long, I forgot where I had to write, wasn’t having access to my laptop so that I could fetch the email ID, tried taking from my CAL whatsapp friends, but I guess no one could help me, I should have waited for a few days to find the ID, but it was my mistake that I didn’t.

If you feel that my banned is something good for the group, happy. :) But if you feel that my re-joining the group (with the assurance that the rules won’t be violated again) won’t do any harm to group, happiest. :D

Please re-consider my request if possible.

Hi Sid,

I have been a member of this group for past one year and i am sure i didnt break any of the rules,i dont post much,i have never involved myself in any of the absurd posts or anything which is prohibited on this forum rules but from past two days I have been banned.
I am a true follower of this group and believe it must be because of some misconception and this is the reason why i am writing it to you.
Thanking you in anticipation


I don’t know for what reason I’m banned from CAL. One fine day I was waiting for few of my queries solutions and to my dismay I don’t find any updates, no notification history n then no group. I think one shud be informed bout the reason for getting banned. Anyways I would like to join back. Kindly do the needful. I have also sent the email but still no update.


Dear Sid Sir,

Warm Greetings,

I made a mistake today and broke a rule of CAL by sharing a facebook video and making impolite comments which was not intentional. I did not read the rules well before. But now I very well understood them. Hence, I kindly request you to accept my apology once again. I already mailed the matter to moderators twice. Once again requesting u to please let me join back CAL.. I shall no more repeat the mistake again.

Hope you give one more chance and add me back.

Thank you in advance



hello sir this is know why I have been blocked from this group all of a sudden ….. I just don’t find any valid reason for blocking me ….. It would of great help if u add me again and unblock me ….
And if any reason so pls do let me know it ….
I should know y I have been blocked
Rohini Sharma

I am unable to rejoin CaL. Though I’ve received the membership reinstated mail. I’ve read the rules again but still can’t figure it out. Kindly help.


Hello Sid sir,
I have been member of this group from almost 1 year. But from past few days I am not able to access the group. I far as I know I haven’t broken any rules. I am usually a silent spectator. I love this group. I don’t know what is the reason for ban. My profile picture? I don’t change my profile picture often and I don’t put my picture.
I love this group and have learnt a lot from it. Please unblock me. It’s a request.
Ritu Rajput

“Dear Moderators,

I was banned for ignoring a moderator notification and request reinstatement.


Enter your comment here…Dear sir, i read rules..muje bhi banned kiya gaya hai one month se….sorry sir mujse rules toda tha isliye…plz sir now reinstated my account.

Dear Sir
I have not been getting any notification from CAL for past month.I am a regular follower of the group and i have learnt alot from the group. I dont know which rule i violated so that i have been banned. I have written to moderates as well but i have not got any reply. Sir i apologise if i have broken any rule and please reconsider me for the group.

I sent requests to join this group so many times.. but I don’t know why my request is always rejected.. atleast I should know the reason why it is being done always.
Pls reply asap.

My name is Sukanya and I am an avid foodie. People appreciate my cooking and say I am a good cook too!

I have been trying to join this group CaL on facebook but it’s not login in.

The message is showing that you don’t have the permission to be in this group.

I want to join this group.
Sending my facebook URL.

Please add me to this group.It will be a favour.

This is the rules page. It might be a good idea to actually read the rules. They’re in the top half of this page. When you do so, you’ll find we have a support system. Please write in using the email address mentioned (yes, in the rules, above, on this page).

The CaL Badge Network group only accepts those who have applied for the CaL badge, successfully implemented it and then been whitelisted.

Sir, I have implemented the CAL Badge. Still waiting to be whitelisted. Please help me in this regard. Its a request.

Name of the blog – The Veggiestan
URL – theveggiestan.com

Somehow, most of you think that by saying, “It’s a request” or similar, I’m bound to do what you’re saying. You’ve been relentlessly harassing me on FB Messenger, breaking the rules by posting your blog to the group without being whitelisted, then harassing the moderators about your blog without following due process and now you’re doing the same thing here, despite my informing you on messenger, that your application will not be processed because you’re sending repeated pointless mails and refusing to read/follow the rules.

I’m afraid you’re banned from Chef at Large, permanently.

Congratulations. You’re banned from CaL, LWN and from my personal profile too, in addition to the CaL Badge Network and our support facilities. Please consider this next time you choose to harass people to achieve your own selfish ends.