Facebook Forum Rules

Allowed All The Time

Please feel free to do any of the following, at any time, without attached conditions, as long as any other sections are not violated.

  1. Post anything related to food
  2. Share photos without recipes
  3. Share your own food videos by uploading them to the group
  4. Share anyone’s post from the main wall, to any other location, by using the Share button, without seeking the poster’s permission
  5. Post or comment in any language
  6. Tag a moderator if you need help
  7. Report a post or comment to the Admin if it is in violation of these rules
  8. Get support by writing to moderators@chefatlarge.in or by visiting our support site.

Allowed with Conditions

The following actions are conditionally allowed. Please read carefully and understand them.

  1. Post non-food topics. They are very rarely approved and take into consideration the member’s history prior to approval, if at all.
  2. Message individual moderators/admins, only for urgent situations from the group’s point of view. Your personal issues, curiosity, situation etc. are not urgent from the group’s point of view. Please email moderators@chefatlarge.in for help with all group related subjects, or visit our Support Site.
  3. Share reviews on restaurants, including tagging the restaurant and posting photos, only if you aren’t associated with the restaurant in any manner.
  4. Share links to blogs and other websites, including YouTube videos, only if you aren’t associated with the shared link, website or blog in any manner. If you have a blog and would like to share links, please see this page.
  5. Share health related information via comments, posts, links, videos or images among other means of sharing, only if the information is from or supported by the following websites. Sharing personal, health related experiences is allowed, provided such experiences are explicitly phrased as such, and subject to the discretion of individual moderators based on the information contained and its potential effect on the health and safety of other members.
    1. usda.gov
    2. medlineplus.gov
    3. nih.gov
    4. healthdirect.gov.au
    5. hsph.harvard.edu
    6. nhs.uk
    7. patient.info
    8. nationalgeographic.com
    9. www.ifbb.org.uk
    10. sciencedirect.com
    11. glycemicindex.com
    12. mayoclinic.org
    13. livestrong.com
    14. cdc.gov
    15. calwellness.in
    16. ucsfhealth.org
    17. healthline.com
  6. Share images without giving credit, only if credit isn’t being claimed in any manner, direct or indirect, explicitly or implicitly by the poster, and subject to deletion based on moderator discretion in addition to a request for deletion by the original owner.
  7. Share Facebook links, only in response to a direct request in a comment to your post and then only as a reply to that comment.
  8. Ask for remedies to health related issues, only if the issue is considered to be non-critical, at the discretion of individual moderators.

Not Allowed at Any Time

  1. Unauthorised promotions.
    1. This includes but isn’t limited to blogs, YouTube channels, contests, social causes, home baking, home food ventures and businesses among others.
    2. Posts will be judged as promotional at the discretion of individual moderators.
    3. Sharing or posting of products belonging to categories that are available for sale by the poster are considered promotional.
    4. Sharing top level links, such as the entry page to a website, a Facebook page etc. are considered promotional.
    5. Commercial, Facebook page or brand watermarks among others, on posted images are considered promotional.
  2. Blocking a moderator / admin
  3. Express support for rule violations explicitly via comments or implicitly via likes.
  4. Post content or behave in a manner that is deemed to be against the spirit of the group, at the discretion of individual moderators.
  5. Share memes, forwards and other such content, even if it is food related.
  6. Be rude, sexist, anti-social, abusive, discriminatory, sexually explicit; discuss religion, politics, moderators, moderation, the group’s values, the rules; obstruct group activities directly or indirectly; support rule violations through silence, likes or comments; harass moderators by messaging them repeatedly; repeatedly break the rules, ignore or do not act on a moderator’s instructions or notification.
  7. Stalk members, send members sexually explicit messages or continue messaging them after being asked not to do so; falsely claim ownership of content including recipes and images.