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With each passing day, reaching your target audience is becoming more difficult. With so many hundreds of services advertising thousands of products, catching and keeping your customers’ attention is bound to be tough. What you’re looking for, is the ability to convey simple to complex concepts to your TG, such as excitement over a new launch, concern about an unfounded rumour, opinions about design, technical information about health and wellness and so on.

When it comes to reaching an audience for your product, Chef at Large is a great choice. Here’s why we think so.

Targeted, Broad Reach

Constituting over 85% of the whole, Chef at Large’s primary audience is women, both working professionals as well as homemakers.

Chef at Large reaches over 1 million unique foodies each month – that’s more than 30,000 every day! These are people who actively seek out great food, hunt for good recipes and otherwise appreciate quality, stability with a strong focus on health and wellness. With women forming 85% of our audience, both homemakers and working professionals, we influence household grocery budgets of over Rupees 200 crores 1 each month. If you’re looking to reach domestic decision makers, you’ll find our audience to be quite interested in what you have to say.

Multiple Ways to Engage

With multiple platforms where members gather, you can choose the best fit for your brand.

Chef at Large publishes content on our website, interactively engages on our social media platforms, and reaches out to millions more via our badge network. In addition to online platforms, CaL Meets happen in multiple cities all through the year where members meet at premium venues to interact, put a voice to a social profile, exchange notes and otherwise meet, mingle and have fun. All of these platforms are ready for your brand to reach out and add value for our members.

Versatility in Diversity

Chef at Large engages folks across age groups, city categories and demographic groups.

Your products are aimed at different age groups, at consumers residing in different types of cities and falling under different demographic criteria. The active audience at Chef at Large ranges in age from 25 to 55 years, lives in metropolitan cities as well as tier-II and tier-III non-metro cities like Surat and Raipur and range all across the demographic board. If you’re looking for a specific type of consumer, chances are, they’re chilling out at Chef at Large.

Not Just Food

Foodies consume a whole lot other than food, including electronics, vehicles, homes, holidays, gadgets and more.

The basic nature of a foodie is to appreciate all that’s fine. This includes a bunch of product categories including but not limited to electronic, consumer durables, vacations, gizmos, mobile phones, automobiles, real estate and much more, as you can imagine. The difference between a foodie consumer and others, is that the foodie will buy the product or service if deemed worth the experience, even if temporary. That’s who we are – controlled by our senses only limited by time.

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  1. Assuming 85% women, an average monthly grocery budget of INR 10,000 rupees and a negative multiplier factor.