Your Annual Tarot Reading for 2017

The year in focus

Reiterating the ‘Forecast at a Glance’ from the last predictions’ article, 2017 is going to be a fresh start in more ways than one. What do I mean when I say this? The year encourages you to leave behind all regrets and gives you a fabulous chance to make a new start, quite literally.

If there have been any kind of regrets, big or small, this is an apt time to work on them. If you feel that you’ve lost out on opportunities in life or have left a particular relationship incomplete, the time is good to shed all the inhibitions and look at 2017 as an opportunity gained.


Zodiac signs - Aries


You’re going to continue being true to your nature- stubborn and un-experimentative. For a change, it’s going to work in your favour. Continue double-checking stuff time and again and be cautious while walking through uncharted territories.

However, there is something you need to avoid doing- being uncontrollably obsessive about the details. Understand the fine line between being careful and obsessing over things. While the world may raise inhibitions about your speed, you’re going to have to ignore them, for you’ll be doing perfectly fine.

Business / Finance:  Stick to your hard work.  Set small yet achievable goals. Only do things that you’re confident about.
Fashion: Keep to dressing in a prim and proper manner. Rest shall follow.
Interpersonal Relationships: Once you hold on to people, you shall never let them go. The problem is, those who matter aren’t aware of this aspect of you and they definitely deserve to know. Go ahead, convey it.
Health: Stick to the mundane – get enough sleep, good food and time out for relaxation.
Lucky Colour: Dark Magenta
Travel Destination: Singapore


Zodiac signs - Taurus

Respond to the beauty around you. It’s time you show some sensitivity to the people, objects and situations around you. Acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you. Awaken your senses to the finer things that happen around you, coz in the long run, it shall definitely help.

This is a perfect time to get in touch with dreams and ambitions that you’ve long buried. Start believing in your intuitions and go unconventional with your choices. You shall be appreciated for doing so and also learn a few things in the process.

Business / Finance:  If you’ve been thinking of starting a venture of your own, what better time than this year. Go for the kill, but plan well.
Fashion: Whatever is the fashion trend that you wish to follow this year, just remember one thing – it is going to be someone’s doorway into your life. So, you better dress to impress.
Interpersonal Relationships: Small gestures are going to make a big difference in your interpersonal relationships. Go out of your way if you have to, to make your loved ones feel special.
Health: Skin disorders play a major cause of concern. If you already have a sensitive skin, do everything to make sure you take the necessary precautions.
Lucky Colour: Pine Green
Travel Destination: Greece


Zodiac signs - Gemini

You’re going to spend this year in making wise investments. These investments shall go much beyond finance and shall extend to the realms of time, intellectual knowledge and interpersonal relationships.

You’re going to remain focused in this year and shall completely dedicate yourself to the job you take up. That said, there are bound to be times when you may feel that you fall short of the required expertise, but don’t worry. For, you shall be prompt to take the necessary steps in the right direction. 

Business / Finance:  A strong research is bound to be your best friend, no matter what you put yourself into. However, do exercise caution while taking major professional decisions.
Fashion: No matter what the occasion, you’re going to be at the top of your game, as always.
Interpersonal Relationships: Try not to trust people too much. You may give people their due for doing things but make sure you draw the line and keep your intentions clear.
Health: In order to achieve perfection, make sure you do not overexert. Keep rejuvenating yourself.
Lucky Colour: Russet Brown
Travel Destination: Morocco 


Zodiac signs - Cancer


Stick to making realistic plans. Do not fool yourself with situations that do not exist or help your cause. Surround yourself with people who are bound to be of at least some use to you and stay away from pessimistic players.

Use your past experience to achieve tangible results for your present ambitions. Do it through the tools and skills available at hand. Go all out to wish for the stars and see the universe pave way for your desires to come true.

Business / Finance: Delegating work and putting faith in your team is going to play a major role in how well you succeed this year.
Fashion: Head accessories like hats, caps, et al shall help you make an awesome style statement this year.
Interpersonal Relationships: Build on the trust factor with important people around you, be it family, friends or colleagues. That should take care of most of the things for you.
Health: Be careful while seeking medical advice or choosing a doctor. Chances are, you may be taken for a ride.
Lucky Colour: Palm Oyster
Travel Destination: Fiji Islands 


Zodiac signs - Leo

Receiving and giving in equal measures is the name of the game. Do not obligate nor do take any obligation, especially from people you do not know well. If you think someone is taking care of your needs; no matter in what way, be sure you return the care with equal affection.

Another way of looking at this is to choose the middle path in all walks for the coming year. Avoid extremities and situations that force rigidity upon you. Remember that nothing is worth spoiling one’s equity.

Business / Finance:  Not a good year to experiment, stay safe on the shores and you’ll be fine.
Fashion: Sexy footwear. Period.
Interpersonal Relationships: Again, it would be good if you stay away from passing judgement. People may not really take kindly to your comments.
Health: Strange as it may sound, you have to be careful about over-exercising.
Lucky Colour: Matte Black
Travel Destination: Canada 


Zodiac signs - Virgo

If you are single and looking for a partner, this is the year when you shall get married and enter the phase of settlement. For those of you who’re married and are planning a family, the year marks a period of fertility and you shall not be disappointed.

A lot of you shall get into deep retrospection and shall give qualitative thought to your past actions and the consequences that they have generated. Be it positive or negative, you are in a better place to analyze your actions than you have been in before.

Business / Finance:  A good time to make investments in the name of a strong female support – be it mother, wife or daughter.
Fashion: You shall be unusually drawn towards large, chunky finger rings.
Interpersonal Relationships: Though you yourself may stay calm in difficult situations, you may get disturbed by the people who’re actually capable of creating trouble around you. Try to extend your reactions of calm at such situations.
Health: Steer clear of stress and worries, particularly those that do not concern you.
Lucky Colour: Tiffany Blue
Travel Destination: Thailand 


Zodiac signs - Libra

This year is the answer to all your efforts, strategies and planning. Attend the right gathering, make the right sounds and convey the right message to the right people. You shall realize now, more than ever, that getting your work acknowledged is as important as the efforts that go in.

When you do get the due recognition, however, ensure that you remain grounded and do not lose touch with reality. Also remember, in your case, it is only you who can do this. Do not expect anyone else to help you with doing it for you. 

Business / Finance:  Beware of jealous eyes and hearts. Choose your company wisely.
Fashion: Continue experimenting. You’re good at it. Don’t allow anyone to make you believe otherwise.
Interpersonal Relationships: While you’re bound to enjoy high self-esteem for some time now, make good use of it by also standing up for others. They may well need all the help that you can offer.
Health: If there is any kind of discomfort that you experience, don’t hold yourself back. Get the right medical advice.
Lucky Colour: Cameo White
Travel Destination: Croatia


Zodiac signs - Scorpio

The year is going to take you to task when it comes to managing people and resources. You’ve put too many eggs in one basket and to avoid the danger that you now realize, you’re going to have to put in a lot more effort than you may anticipate.

You may also find it challenging to motivate people to work towards a common goal, thus finding yourself in an unexplored terrain.  Ensure that you have all the requirements on your list checked before you venture out, for while in panic, you belong to the careless kind.

Business / Finance:  No matter how challenging your situation, you’re going to enjoy it to the hilt and nor care much about the details. While that may be a positive thing, try not to become negligent.
Fashion: Age-old combinations are the way to go. Blacks & Whites, Blues & Pinks etc. to mention a couple of them.
Interpersonal Relationships: People trust you more than you realize. Make the most of the confidence you enjoy amongst your peers and colleagues and utilize the goodwill to the fullest.
Health: People with spine / nervous system disorders, do not stray away from your routine. Discipline works wonders.
Lucky Colour: Cayenne
Travel Destination: Panama  


Zodiac signs - Sagittarius

It’s your time to bask in the limelight. And you love it, don’t you? Even the smallest chances to venture out on a new adventure is going to be enough to excite you. The same stands true though for arguments. So be careful while you choose both- your outings and battles.

Here’s a piece of advice- try cutting out on all the unnecessary drama. Stick to the point and get out of the place when your work’s done. Hanging around the same place for longer than required shall only lead to pointless speculations. Now that’s something you’d wish to avoid, wouldn’t you?

Business / Finance:  Push the envelope beyond what meets the eye. Ask for the help you need and it shall surely reach you.
Fashion: Experimenting with unconventional patterns and prints needs to be your fashion mantra this annum.
Interpersonal Relationships: Don’t be hesitant to take chances when stakes are high. Also, in case you dislike the way someone’s working, let them know directly. Do not indulge in mindless gossip.
Health: Set a strict schedule for yourself. Try not to discount yourself of efforts that are required from your end.
Lucky Colour: Honey Orange
Travel Destination: Mauritius 


Zodiac signs - Capricorn

It’s ‘fight good with all the love you have’ phase for you. In all probability, you shall get in touch with your spiritual side and shall practice things that you preach. This transformation shall also include the acceptance of your own people and situations unconditionally.

There is no better time than now to inculcate a strong sense of intuition within. Keep your mind and conscience open towards probable telepathic bonds that you may develop with others. More of a material person, here’s a word, don’t look at these developments lightly.

Business / Finance:  Trust your gut greater than any other adviser or colleague. Even when it comes to making bold professional decisions. You shall not be disappointed.
Fashion: White, pastels and sheer are your fashion flavors for the season.
Interpersonal Relationships: You may have a couple of skeptics waiting eagerly to point out towards even the slightest of mistakes that you make. Remember, as long as you’re convinced about your actions, there is nothing else that you must consider.
Health: Meditation and yoga shall help you balance out all your health challenges. Adopting to this lifestyle is easier in this phase than it has been before.
Lucky Colour: Raisin Purple
Travel Destination: Maldives 


Zodiac signs - Aquarius

You’re on your way to doing something new, in the process of creating your own path. With a certain rebellion in your attitude, you’re about to make unconventional choices be it personal or professional. And guess what, you’re going to exceed your own expectations.

To add, keep giving yourself a reality check every now and then. Trust the flow and live in the moment. Don’t miss out on making the most of the present moment and opportunity that the universe has to offer you.

Business / Finance:  For all those of you in family run businesses, in case you have been hesitant about taking certain decisions in the recent past, worry no more. You enjoy the complete support of all the people that matter.
Fashion: Gemstones are going to be your cool quo for many months to come.
Interpersonal Relationships: Trust the relationships that you’ve built over the years and be confident that they shall stand by you when the time is right. Continue investing in them. 
Health: If you have been warned about exercising caution with regards to a certain aspect of your health, make sure you do not neglect the advice and instead, heed it sincerely.
Lucky Colour: Currant Red
Travel Destination: USA 


Pisces. Zodiac sign.

Work with a plan in mind. Try not to deviate from tried and tested methods of reaching your set goal. Chances are, you may have to put in physical efforts in achieving your goals. If so, don’t shy away from doing so, for that may be the required push for you to reach the goal.

In order to get your work done, it would be advisable to think the way your team does. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily and stick to the basics. Make the most of your communication skills and explain tasks in a way that doesn’t make tasks seem like unscalable mountains.

Business / Finance:  Venture only into areas that you have a good knowledge about. With the kind of support that back you, you can easily afford to miss out on a few chances if you deem them unfit of the risks involved.
Fashion: Simplicity should definitely be your fashion policy, no matter what your outfit.
Interpersonal Relationships: You shall learn a lot and hence grow by leaps and bounds when it is about one-to-one relationships that you’ve always loved nurturing. It is these relations that shall help you in both personal and professional growth as they shall help instill great confidence in you.
Health: For all those of you following a medical routine, no matter what the ailment, try an alternate therapy as a parallel course. But do it with the right guidance and under an informed authority.
Lucky Colour: Banana Yellow
Travel Destination: Nepal



A professional Tarot / Angel Cards Reader & Reiki Practitioner for the last 7 years, Sonum is an ardent believer in the Karmic circle. Her practices steer clear of rigid predictions, and focus greatly on guiding / assisting folks to enhance their lives by making informed choices and taking sound decisions.

Sonum is based out of Mumbai and can be reached at +91 96654 88877 or

Sonum Sangoram

A professional Tarot / Angel Cards Reader & Reiki Practitioner for the last 7 years, Sonum is an ardent believer in the Karmic circle. Her practices steer clear of rigid predictions, and focus greatly on guiding / assisting folks to enhance their lives by making informed choices and taking sound decisions. Sonum is based out of Mumbai and can be reached at +91 96654 88877 or