Will Healthy and Tasty Ever Meet?

To eat or not to eat: This line perfectly summarises the dilemma of a foodie stuck in this junk ridden world. The struggle is real for food lovers, especially the ones toiling to lose weight.

When the whole world is full of such delicious nosh, it is tough to practise abstinence. Be it the smell of oregano wafting from a pizza, or the creamy lustre of ice creams, our senses always succumb to the seduction of fast food. And in the process we become unsuspecting victims of a growing waistline. That’s why the concept of healthy and tasty food sounds like an absolute myth. The paths of healthy and tasty seldom cross and they remain like forlorn lovers. But who said they cannot meet ever? These amazing dishes play cupid and show the world the beauty that takes birth when healthy meets tasty.

  • Egg and Rocket Pizzas: Talk about pizza and the sight that immediately comes to mind is dripping cheese and delicious toppings. But as we all know the one thing that accompanies pizza are calories. But you can defuse the calorie bomb easily by trying out this scrumptious recipe that involves eggs and all things yummy.
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothie: The mere thought of a tropical smoothie brings up the idea of fresh fruits and an invigorating drink. And the thought becomes more enriching when the drink is an immunity booster and toothsome too. So satisfy you sweets cravings with this amazing tropical kiwi and papaya smoothie recipe and bid farewell to health concerns.
  • Grilled Chicken with Roasted Kale: Chicken and vegetables. This does sound like an unmatched pair. But this healthy and tasty dish brings out the best of both worlds in an unlikely combo that will make you want more. The flavours of this dish burst in the mouth to reveal the different ingredients. So don’t wait and try this recipe here
  • Cinnamon Porridge with Fruits: For those of you having serious breakfast dilemmas, the cinnamon porridge loaded with banana and berries is a great resort. Dig in to the goodness of this super healthy treat and start your day the right way. You can try this dream dessert by following this recipe.
  • Greek-style Roast Fish: Fish lovers, it is time for you to be happy. With the Greek style roast fish you can binge on to your favourite fish and not regret it later. Featuring white fish fillets with potatoes, tomatoes and herbs, this dish is baked in oven to present you with a nutritious and gluten free meal. Cook this item with the recipe here.
  • Gluten-free Carrot Cake: We all love cake and there is no denying this fact. But what we don’t love is the guilt that comes along after satisfying our sweet tooth. This is why the gluten free carrot cake comes as a blessing in disguise. Its charming low fat, same taste features are sure to please any person who loves desserts. Try out its super cool recipe and impress your calorie conscious friends.

One thing these recipes have proven is that there does exist a slim possibility of the union of healthy and tasty. All you need to look out for is some smart alternatives and healthier complements. Give these recipes a try over the weekend and enjoy a snacking spree.