Weekly Roundup #3

Here’s our weekly roundup for this weekend. Our selections are quite individual and we’re going to try to have a different one of us make the selections each week and you’ll likely see the difference in our choices. Ready for the weekend?

This week is looking towards East and Mango orchards?! Everyone’s mango produce is in so there is a mango festival worth trying almost everywhere and by East we mean from Burma to Malaysia and beyond!

  • Friday Evening – If you have a thing for diner food and themed restaurants then today would be a good day to try a new menu! The New Menu at Depot29 brings you dishes inspired by seasonal produce and the summer too!
  • Saturday Breakfast – Make breakfast, organic or vegan or healthy or all three? Try the Healthy, Exotic and Delicious Menu at GreenR Cafe. Good way to start a weekend we say!
  • Saturday Lunch – Summer in Delhi means Mangoes on every Menu! So if you love mangoes like this city does, then don’t miss a Mangolicious June at Hyatt. From appetizers to desserts at Kitchen District all this month!
  • Saturday Drinks – Belvedere Vodka is showcasing their sparkling cocktails across cafes and bars but our pick to try them this week has got to be Perch. This Saturday night Go GLocal with Belvedere Cocktails!
  • Saturday Dinner – Delhi loves Thalis (as much as mangoes)! There’s nothing like a satisfying meal arranged neatly in portions and it sure feels like value for money (lets be honest!). Hop in try the Naga Thali Festival at Nagaland’s Kitchen.
  • Sunday Lunch
    • Drive a little further and go a little further East, street foods of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kore, Japan and the Philippines make an appearance at the All New Ping’s Orient Cafe.
    • Though if you wish to focus on one nation from the region then the seasonal Mango Menu starts at Neung Roi, the only time of the year you can have their prized Sticky Rice and Mango dessert. Go experience Mango Magic at Neung Roi!
    • If eating a monsoon menu helped in conjuring Rain Gods then maybe a meal to try the Monsoon Menu at Locale should be on the weekend schedule!
  • Sunday Dinner
    • Sizzle this Sunday, the weather sure wants you to but the Sizzler Fest at 7 Degrees promises to be served in chilled environs!
    • Speaking of sizzle, the spicy kind works for a lot of you and that means treats from the coast, coated in spices and definitely Coastal Adventures at Monkey Bar!

We’ll be back with more picks next week and will soon begin suggesting stuff for other cities too! Stay tuned and do tell us what you did and how it went? Tag us on Instagram or Catch us on Twitter!

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.