Ways to beat Insomnia

Sleep is nice, as it makes you forget all the things you experience in life for a while. A good sleep at night and a little nap in the afternoon boosts the quality of life. Fresh and energised body owes its existence to good sleep. However, the lack of it can cause havoc leading to numerous issues. If you are insomniac and find it hard to control, here are 5 unfailing ways that can get you a good sleep.

Try a cosy environment

Where you sleep and who you share your space with are also significant factors in slashing sleep hours. Insomnia is common among individuals who engage in a lot of conversation before sleep. Poor bedding and lighting in the room also makes a difference to the quality of sleep.

A comfortable place to settle in for the night is a must!

Use comfortable bed mattress that is hard enough to support your back and neck. Use night bulbs that have cool effect on the ambiance. Always tuck in an extra pair of pillows and bolsters to support your sides and back.

Try therapeutic sessions to ease pain and anxiety

Aromatherapy improves sleep significantly.

Stress and physiological pain in any form can prove to be detrimental in your sleep pattern. Most insomniacs have a fear of waking up with a pinching pain every time they wake from sleep. Embrace a therapeutic routine to ease the pain in the body and relax your mind. Use of aroma therapy while bathing right before the sleep does help. Light up incense sticks or spray fragrances under your bed are also beneficial for acute insomniacs. Alternative medication like acupuncture and acupressure are considered as the most productive procedure to induce sleep.

Exercise: A Mix of Weight + Cardio + Yoga

A good workout routine works wonders for sleep.

Physical activity in a planned way can eliminate the issue of insomnia quicker than anything else. Endurance and weight training, swimming, aerobics, cardio and yoga are considered productive exercises in curing the symptoms of insomnia. As your nerve-motor coordination improves, your brain and nervous system goes into an overdrive to seek rest in every way possible.

All you have to do is set a proper sleeping time. Extra activity produces sleep-inducing hormones and brain chemicals that have similar effect as that of the sleeping pills.

Play out Sex

Sleep post making out is but a natural side effect!

Most couples dose off within minutes of having sex. There are many benefits of sexual activity, but the connection with post-coital sleep is beyond doubt the most acknowledged benefit. Sex hormones in men and women work differently, but have a common link. They all control sleep-inducing behaviour. Sleep deprivation is very common among women during menses and menopause. Good sex acts out like hypnosis. You can do anything to get those eyes shut after exciting under-the-sack activity.

Other ways

Sleep-inducing pills, hormone therapy, music and hypnosis are other productive ways you can beat insomnia. However, they all require the involvement of a medical expert.


The culprit that can worsen the effect of insomnia is a poor lifestyle and food habits. Sleeping at odd time and for less number of hours cuts short the relevance of a good sleep in the first place. To beat insomnia, you must discipline your habits by cutting the intake of alcohol and fatty food right before sleep hours, avoid carbonated drinks and coffee, stop watching TV at last 90 minutes before you plan to retire to bed and eat on time, sleep on time for a restful night!