Aloft, Ahmedabad

I spent a couple of days at Aloft, Ahmedabad and found the property a fun and pleasant place to be.


0730 – Breakfasted on a cheese omelette, chicken salami, chicken cocktail sausages, baked beans and melon, then rushed to the airport, forgot to buy snacks for Sandeep and returned to good ‘ol alcohol-enabled Delhi. Which reminds me – the hotel is happy to arrange for alcohol licences for guests who’re staying for more than three nights, per government regulations.

To conclude, let’s take a quick look at what’s great about Aloft, Ahmedabad?

  1. Friendly, effective staff
  2. Low overhead, easy to interact with features
  3. Easily accessible, very social lobby level
  4. Comfortable rooms, with most amenities available without asking for them
  5. Very fast, free wireless Internet

… and what needs improvement at Aloft, Ahmedabad?

  1. The food and drink
  2. In room inconsistencies and usability issues (phone numbers on phone, height of chair should be adjustable (Ergonomics); may result in repetitive stress injuries, etc.)

Aloft, Ahmedabad is a lovely hotel, resplendent with all the features Aloft has plugged into it’s properties to make them friendlier for the business or budget traveler. A few bugs exist, that will be ironed out shortly, considering it’s a new property. Having said that, I found the staff effective (bottle of water delivered within 10 minutes to my room, at 3:00am), eager to please and most promises made by the brand, met. The only area I’d suggest immediate improvement in is the food and beverages, which were average at best and lackadaisical at worst – nothing earth shattering; improvement here will add yet another badge to their already impressive bling board. They very easily made it through with high points on our checklist, which is saying a lot, considering the list consists of 155 check points of pure grouchiness. If you’re visiting Ahmedabad, a stay at Aloft is highly recommended. It offers all the comfort of a five star, in a format that ensures you’re always at ease and well taken care of.

Ed: Cover picture is from dot.yum, the all day dining restaurant.