Store cupboard meal

Alone tonight, I forgot to shop, so sat on the kitchen floor to investigate the stock on the shelves.

Quite interesting – I wonder, when I will ever eat three jars of honey?? I ended up with a small can of tomatoes, some dried, wild, Italian mushrooms, dried pasta called Mafalda Corta (from Naples! – I have no idea how I got that) some garlic from the fridge and marjoram from the garden.

I soaked the mushrooms in hot water at lunchtime, put the garlic cloves to soak at the same time (to facilitate easy skin removal) and when I arrived home this evening, strained the mushrooms, chopped them and set them aside. I put the mushroom water in a pan and reduced it by more than half, added some crushed garlic ( some of the fresh garlic that I bought a few months ago – they have very small cloves) added the mushrooms, small can of tomatoes, the marjoram and some Marigold stock powder. Having cooked the pasta and the sauce, I mixed them together, added some shredded basil from the pot on the windowsill and had a flavourful meal.

Then I remembered that I now have a camera and should have taken a photograph. But this website won’t let me add an image anyway…

– Toni Anne

Toni Anne

a small Welsh woman who left Wales at the age of 18 and has rarely been back since. She has a daughter whom she adores and a partner who lives down the road. Toni studied fine art and, if she didn't have to work to pay the mortgage, would like to paint daily. She enjoys good food and wine but doesn't get the chance to cook very often since her man does most of it. Toni reads a lot, mostly travel and food writing but also enjoys Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld novels. She doesn't watch TV very much but usually has the radio playing, mostly Radio 3 or 4.