Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun

So I watched Kung Fu Panda today and I must say I loved the movie. Unexpectedly I saw so much noodle soup in the movie that I started hankering for the same. Came home and decided to make some Noodle Soup. While I was thinking about what to add and what to make I saw these packets lying in the pantry. Mom said sister got them for us from Singapore. (available at South Delhi’s market but slightly expensive) – Nong Shim- Shin Ramyun . It is a Korean brand with lots of different flavours like kim chi and shrimp among others. I decided to go for the Spicy Mushroom flavour – just love mushrooms!!

You’re mostly expected to make exotic food all the time because you’re a chef. That may be true, however, after a long day of work I don’t mind a meal that’s quick, effortless or cooked by someone else ;). Straightforward – the packet had two sachets to add. One with the Spices (like the masala for Maggie noodles) and other with dehydrated vegetables. Boil water, add the noodles and then the flavours. Come close to the pan and take in the tangy aroma…yummy! So that was my dinner. Slurping the sauce with noodlea was fun – a perfectly pungent and fiery blend of spices! Wish the grocery store near my house would stock this stuff.

– Kishi


a pastry chef by profession and loves travelling. She cooks stuff from different cuisines but her true love is baking and pastry.