Short Story by Madhvi Garg

White as porcelain, sweet as honey was she. The one I wanted to see, was she. She was also the oneĀ I didn’t want to see. The one who was capable of giving me night mares, the one who was the penultimate dough of sweet dreams. She was sitting there, inviting me, teasing and taunting me no end. Enchantress, was she. The more I looked, the more I was drawn to her. The struggle continued, but then my helplessness continued. I felt a sudden gush and something over power me.

She smiled and beckoned me towards her. l walked towards her in a trance. A voice inside me, a feeble one was urging me to stop. And, the tussle between mind and heart continued. I looked for help but none was available. I prayed for help with all my might and it felt like God woke up from his slumber. My little son, my angel walked in to the room, having just finished his football match. As I came to my senses, guzzling away a bottle of water, my son asked me with a cheeky grin,
‘Mum, you were not reaching for that slice of cake, were you? ;)’

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