Road to Recovery

Nestled in rural Haryana, Westin, Sohna is a single storey property that Parul found exhilarating, especially since she lives in Gurgaon. Read all about her experience in their Spa.

Westin Sohna

A Day at Westin Sohna Resort

I must harp about the tough life we lead in Gurgaon. Yes, we have fancy high rise condos, luxury malls, exceptional restaurants but what we don’t have matters more! We don’t have infrastructure, physical safety, outdoor recreation for children and most of all, we calm and peace.

All these thoughts came flooding back to me during our drive to Westin Sohna Resort & Spa. About an hour from Gurgaon, Westin, Sohna is a veritable luxury holiday spot for Delhi/NCR, without the misery of airports and long travel times. As you reach, you will feel how easy it is to shake the city off your system. Nestled in rural Haryana, Westin, Sohna is a single level property, nothing vertical about it; which is such joy when you’re just out of Gurgaon. It is picturesque of course, which resorts ought to be. The landscaping is gorgeous, so I spent 15 minutes just soaking it all in, before we hopped on a golf cart and went for a tour. We started with the mini petting zoo of sorts, where they had ducks, geese, rabbits, turtles and horses too. Kids will love this spacious luxury, that brings to them nature, like no city can provide. This in itself was enough reason for me to revisit with my daughter, even though I realize ducks are yummy, they are pretty cute to hang out with too! We proceeded to some more recreational options, like the swimming pool, which has the potential for some serious laps and I love that. When asked about a separate pool for kids, I was happily informed that there is one with a little lily pad complete with a plant and all on the side; very adorable. The changing rooms were airy, well lit and super clean, I so wished we had carried swimsuits.

As we crossed the pools we reached the uber cool, WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio. It is as fancy as it sounds and even though I am certified gym fiend there were certain machines even I wasn’t familiar with. The gym offers the right shoes in every possible size for guests who fail to carry a pair or are here for corporate offsite events. There’s also a certified trainer on board. Very inspiring! Further on we checked out the Tennis Court, the Basketball Court and indoor sports facilities like pool and board games. The joy for parents continued because Westin Sohna has an outdoor play area complete with soft flooring and an indoor facility for infants and toddlers. In fact it was great to see a young couple relax by the pool as their toddler twins were handled by the hotel caregiver in a very comfortable play room.

We were charting this course on the way to their signature Spa, which turned out to be a beautiful, calm and peaceful space, complete with a meditation pyramid developed with water bodies and natural light. I was told that on full moon nights, at a certain time of the night, the moon is visible from the sky light of the pyramid – now, that would be ethereal to experience! We were greeted by a very pleasant Spa Manager who took the time to explain the various treatments available out of which I was most excited about their tie-up with Kairali therapies from Kerala. I indulge in those but in Kairali facilities in South Delhi which would never match up to an ambiance such as this. I chose a treatment that was a blend of Balinese techniques and de-stress massage; the experience left me half asleep, completely relaxed and in a very positive state of mind. The spa has been designed to contain all the natural elements of space, air, water and light, so my treatment was in a private room but with a bay window that let in the light.The view was of flowing water. The shower after the therapy was most fun, a glass enclosed bath area that gave a sense of bathing outdoors, though it did make me a mite nervous, I must admit it was very liberating. Now this would be my ideal weekend holiday, hint hint to the darling husband as this post goes out in my birthday month!

Guests can opt for a saatvik meal after their treatments but we were too famished for anything light or diet-y. The Westin, Sohna has four gourmet kitchens which include the Xiao Chi Restaurant (Asian), Mix – Lounge and Bar (Fusion), Splash –poolside restaurant (Light Bites) and The Living Room (Coffee Shop). I plan to spend more time in the The Living Room when I visit next. It is an all-day dining restaurant with a lovely al fresco space that extends into Mix and further leads into a lounge which has the quaintest little library, an idea I plan to steal for my fabled home in the mountains. Keep an eye out for very unique installations and sculpted pieces throughout the property. We had a buffet lunch at The Living Room, which was supplemented by the delicious and delicate ‘boiled’ Dim Sum from Xiao Chi. The spread was quite usual but well done, I would like to recommend a re-look at the desserts though which offered variety but no real versatility. I enjoyed the Strawberry Caipirinha and spent the rest of the afternoon planning my next visit with husband and baby in tow and how much fun-potential that trip is likely to have.

Before we left this tucked away paradise we took a trip to Westin, Sohna’s organic farm nearby and were thrilled to learn that a many of the fruits, herbs and vegetables served at The Living Room come from this farm. Good going, because very few properties since The Oberoi’s have been able to lower their carbon footprint with in house produce. This was a day well spent and a day that gave me many-an-idea on how and where to spend my mini breaks in the future!

By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.