Yumz, Gurgaon

Yumz, Gurgaon serves some delicious food for very reasonable prices. Well maintained and comfortable, do try their chicken kebabs when you visit next.

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]A few years back, I lamented the lack of owner managed restaurants in Delhi. Most were just businesses and ultimately sources of income for their owners, without any particular interest or passion for food. Over the past couple of years, either I’ve been getting around more or the number of owners taking an active interest in their restaurants has increased dramatically.

Yumz, Gurgaon, I’m happy to say is a very good example of owner managed and driven restaurants, and it shows.

[nggallery id=69] [singlepic id=1033 w=320 h=240 float=right]The first thing you notice on entering is the neat array of tables, well laid out covers, clean tablecloths and shining cutlery. The staff could be a little smarter, but given the sorry state of human resources in virtually all sectors today, Yumz cannot be singled out for picking from a common pool. I particularly liked the really tall table at the entrance that’s reminiscent of dining on barstools. Very nice.

I tried a host of their dishes – a spread of Indian food with a smattering of Indian Chinese and a Continental dish; Kebabs, curries, biryani, dal, noodles, fried rice and rotis among other dishes. Every dish I ate was value for money at it’s best behavior and tasted great too. The kebabs in particular were soft, succulent and well flavored while all other dishes met expectations in terms of taste and good portions for very reasonable prices.

Do try Yumz, Gurgaon for a quick meal or snack anytime you’re passing through!

– Sid

Meal for two: Rs. 400