Torrp-It-Up, Bandra, Mumbai

Contributed by Zoya J.

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]What’s a torrp? Was my first question on hearing about Torrp-it-up. When trusty Google failed to show any proper answers, it was time to find it out for myself. What better way than by eating one?

‘It is torpedo-shaped’, was the response from the attendant at the Bandra outlet of Torrp-it-up. Vishal, a smiling and very helpful guy, made sure he had my order down pat, suggested possible combination and sauces and was very courteous (but not overtly so). The bread here, available in brown, herb and multi-grain, is torpedo shaped, giving rise to the name behind the chain of CSR outlets in the city. The food, the special offers, a selection of wraps, torrps and side accompaniments like desserts, soups and beverages, is not a lot. But for a quick snack, it’s ideal. The hitch: everything reminds you of Subway, from the Torrp of the day (Rs70), to the salad selection, to the varieties of sauces/dips to (as a friend pointed out) the crisps option.

Back to the food. Torrp-it-up serves the most popular meats: chicken, mutton, lamb, turkey, prawns and salmon. The prawns and mutton are lightly cooked with salt and a few spices and stored till they’re used. The mutton seekh kebab torrp was well grilled, the flavour of the meat slightly masked by the in-house spicy mayo cum chilly sauce. It had all the trappings of a delicious sandwich, with pickles, veggies (I refused the onions) and greens. The smoked chicken was more salty than ‘smoky’ and somehow I felt putting it in a wrap made it less wholesome and filling. With so many meat options, it was ironic that the best torrp was the vegetarian one: mushroom herb garlic combined with mayo sauce and pickles. The mushroom was soft and absorbed all the flavours of the pickles and sauce, and the garlic had a subtle presence. A major let down was the turkey which was bland and dry (despite the extra cheese and sauce).

Torrp-it-up has the options of a soup of the day and extra toppings and cheese, which are priced extra too. A recommendation would be to go with your own sauces, and steer clear from the chilly sauce unless you can handle spice. In terms of pricing, a meal for four would be around Rs700, which can be a little steep.

To be fair though, Torrp-it-up does score brownie points, quite literally. Their desserts selection: cookies, brownies and chocolate mousse doesn’t spoil you for choice but their brownies can force you to indulge. The brownies are heaven in each bite, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy a bite in. And they stay that fresh and crunchy for well over 24 hours. Score! On the subject of desserts, the cookies disappoint, they are too hard and chewy and make eating them an effort.

It will be difficult to lure Subway regulars to this place unless Torrp-It-Up comes up with something more innovative and unique.

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