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Delicious food at your doorstep

Contributed by Zoya J.

Sunday and in office generally means canteen closed, no food and ordering out.

So when I got a chance to review The Mumbai Kitchen (formerly Bombay Kitchen, changed for but obvious reasons) at Tardeo, the order had to be placed on a Sunday. Our Khao Gulli (my team as it better known as) was naturally excited, more so by the variety The Mumbai Kitchen afforded: Indian, Continental and Oriental. One friend got so confused she settled for the All American Roast Beef Burger (220), a superb choice as it turned out. Calling up owner Monaz Cooper was the easy part, ordering wasn’t so, given the choices available. Luckily she helped, asking preferences, type of meat, the need for gravy and portion size (one dish can easily serve two people). The Mumbai Kitchen accepts advance orders, minimum 48 hours, for special items like squid, lobster, salmon, turkey etc.

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Our order was placed well in advance, four days to be precise. Somehow there was a mix-up about the time of delivery, and we had to wait an extra half-hour for the food. But when it did arrive, it was well and truly worth the wait. The hit of the day was the Beef Chilly (295), The Mumbai Kitchen’s specialty and a recommendation from Monaz. Soft, tender, spicy and slightly salty, the flavours truly exploded in the mouth. A close second was the Lamb Lasagna (265, minced lamb layered with tomato sauce and cheese) – the lasagne was soft and gooey and every spoonful was a delicious mixture of tender lamb and cheese (despite not being a chesse fan, I loved it). Both these were eaten plain; they were simply too good to be mixed with the rice or noodles. The Nasi Goreng (255) was my idea, I wanted to see how the shrimp sambal, chicken satay, fried egg and prawn cracker could be packed without losing the originality of the dish. The rice was delicious but the chicken satay was a letdown, being on the drier side. The Pad Thai Noodles (155) with prawn were up to the mark, and tasted good eaten plain or with the sauces. And off course the burger, a huge mound of roast beef placed on a bed of caramelised onions, lettuce and topped with ham, egg, mushrooms and cheese; this biggie was a delicious meal in itself. Confusion certainly helps.

The Mumbai Kitchen does not have desert options but works on a ‘dessert of the day concept’ (120). For our benefit Monaz had sent Blueberry Cheesecake and Mud Pie. The cheesecake was too creamy for my taste, with a thin layer of blueberry on the top, but the crumbly and not-too-sweet mud pie salvaged the dessert.

The Mumbai Kitchen is owned and run by foodie couple Farhad and Monaz Cooper. They have recently introduced an Indian section, at very reasonable rates, after repeated requests from customers. Their momos, burgers and cocktail kebabs are popular items. As Monaz says, items that are not on the menu are also prepared, depending on a customer’s request. One heartening thing about this home delivery joint is that ingredients used in non-Indian dishes are imported form that respective place, be it Japan, Indonesia or Thailand. While this obviously impacts the price, The Mumbai Kitchen scores high on quality and authenticity.

The price may throw you off, but if you want to splurge on good quality food without steping out, The Mumbai Kitchen is your answer.

Contact: visit, or call 2354 3399

By Chef at Large Member

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