Swiss Food Festival at Movenpick Hotel, Bangalore

Swiss Food Festival at Movenpick Hotel, Bangalore is very well worth the trip and the price, as Natasha found out to her utter delight.

Fondue Me! How lucky can a gal get?! For a foodie like me, any chance to try new cuisine is a win. And to do so at an elegant Chef’s Table, with a Chef who has been flown in to share his native cuisine; well lucky me indeed! I had the pleasure of being a part of Chef Walter’s Table at Movenpick Hotel and Spa and indulging in a cheese-tastic meal, at the start of the hotel’s Swiss Food Festival. On until the 14th of October, you have daily a la carte options of Swiss cuisine, and on Friday nights and Sunday brunch, as part of My Place’s buffet.


[quote type=”center”]Our soup course, a completely exquisite Porcini mushroom Cappuccino, was served in darling little mugs, and made me wish I was at a buffet and not an elegant tasting, ’cause I would happily have gone back for thirds, not just seconds, of it![/quote]


The food was all quite delicious, no doubt, and apart from Cheese Fondue and Carrot Cake, all new to me. Our Suisse Rendezvous began with a lovely selection of cheeses, which Chef carved out, and then hand delivered to each diner. From woodsy to blue, wafer thin to creamy, this was a cheese-lover’s paradise. The bread baskets contained an assortment of rolls, bread sticks, flat breads, and my favorite – pretzels! We got a special Fondue making demonstration, with the Chef mixing 2 kinds of cheese (Fribourgeois and Gruyere) and garlic and seasonings. Watching the cheese mixing and melting before our eyes, we all waited hungrily for the treat…made all the more potent by the chef dipping each piece of bread in Kirsch (cherry liquor) before coating it generously with cheese and handing it out to his eager audience. Bliss!

The beef tartare and the dry beef canapes were well, awesome, though I was not a fan of the cheese and pear canapes, a little too sweet for my taste. Our soup course, a completely exquisite Porcini mushroom Cappuccino, was served in darling little mugs, and made me wish I was at a buffet and not an elegant tasting, ’cause I would happily have gone back for thirds, not just seconds, of it! The main course was a lamb chop and also Roesti, a grated potato pancake made of different varieties of potato, served with (yay!) a creamy mushroom sauce. Chef Walter informed us that Roesti is a traditional breakfast food in Switzerland, especially for farmers. Reminiscent of a Latke, without the egg and with thicker shavings of potato, I am going to have to try my hand at this dish, for sadly, Chef Walter won’t be around to make it for me! Still, his stories of Swiss culture and food lore will remain, as will his earnest charm.

Dessert was Carrot Cake, mini iced carrots decorating our richly spiced slices. I am used to American carrot cake, which is much sweeter and lighter on the spices. The icing too, was not the thick creamy cheese frosting, but a thinner and gooey version. My one sadness was that, although we were at Movenpick, the ice creams were (understandably) not on offer for the Chef’s Table… which only means I need to go back soon to indulge in vanilla dreams and strawberry fantasy!

Chef’s Table- Swiss Food Festival Menu

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Aperpo/Welcome[/tabtext] [tabtext]Suppe/Soup[/tabtext] [tabtext]Hauptgänge/Mains[/tabtext] [tabtext]Dessert/Dessert[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]

Canapées mit Bündnerfleisch und Gemüse-Frischkäse
Canapées with dry beef with fresh cheese

Chäs-Fondue (mit Brotwürfel)
Cheese fondue (with bread cubes)

Canapées mit Tête de Moine und Birnen-Kompott
Canapees with Tête de Moine cheese and pears

Rindstatar mit Speck-Gugelhopf
Beef tartare with bacon gugelhopf [/tab] [tab]

Cappuccino from porcini mushroom [/tab] [tab]

Kleine Rösti mit verschiedenen frischen Waldpilzen an Rahmsauce Small
Swiss roesti with fresh mixed forest mushrooms

Lammkolette auf Holunder-Aceto-Sauce glasierte Kürbisstangen (Meat)
Lamb chops on elder aceto sauce, glazed pumpkin [/tab] [tab]

Roebli Chueche
Swiss Carrot cake[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

By Natasha Ali

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