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Social Hour at the Sheraton Bangalore

You really must check out the Sheraton Social Hour. Natasha did, and found herself having a wonderful time with friends, wine and great food.

I have a special fondness for the brand Sheraton, with Sheraton Bangalore being a place I frequent and feel rather affectionate about. You see, the name Sheraton takes me back to my college days in Massachusetts. We used to attend conferences and events at the Springfield Sheraton, and I recently discovered (at the 75th anniversary celebration party of the brand) that that Sheraton, was the very first one in the chain! A few weeks ago, the Sheraton did a global Toast around the World, a wine and hors d’oeuvre evening that I attended with fellow food blogger friends. It was quite the evening, with the wine and conversation flowing and spectacular eats doing the rounds.


The idea behind the event was that different chosen Sheraton properties around the globe would, on the same date, promote the Sheraton Social Hour. At Sheraton Bangalore, you can enjoy this wine time on Fridays from 6pm – 7pm at the Lobby Lounge. For INR 850++ per person, you get a wine flight of 3 varieties, red or white, and light snacks. Six wines were proffered from the American brand Chateau Ste Michelle/Columbia Crest. I generally go for red rather than white, but on this occasion, there was a Columbia Crest Riesling that called out to me, and I returned to that as the wine I wanted to finish the evening with as well, having tried some of the others. It was crisp, lightly sweet and on a hot summer evening, hit just the right notes. The Merlot and Syrah were quite good too.

Choice of Wines
Choice of Wines

Interested attendees could sit at a beautifully set table and participate in a wine flight, and learn about each wine as they tasted it. The canapes kept coming all through the proceedings, and I have to give a special shout out to the very friendly and enthusiastic servers walking around bearing the lovely morsels. From salmon and crab, to roast beef and roast duck, and with equally tantalizing options for the vegetarians like mushroom and roasted fig tarts, we devoured them all. At evening’s end, we were all tipsy and giggly, but also enjoying the glow that comes from a good party. It was one of those times when you meet new people, have lively conversations, and a grand old time. Salude, Sheraton, for this lovely concept!

Photos courtesy Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

By Natasha Ali

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