Shark Steak at Colva Beach, Goa, India

Contributed by Debasish Roy

If you love sea food and if you like Goan beaches, then you should visit Colva beach alone. I had to go with a bore who wanted to eat at a Punjabi style chicken dominated restaurant in the mainland. Ugh.

In Colva, you should dig your toes into the warm sand and twenty minutes later put your feet up in the plastic bucket chair in front of you. In case, I forgot to tell you, you should do all this at the shack on the beach which cooks authentic Goan food.

Order a chilled beer and a shark steak. Ummmm. The piece of heaven takes one hour to cook and is more than delicious. You can have it and then just fall asleep in the chair allowing the sea breeze to lull you to that condition. Now you can’t do this if you are with a friend who wants to go sightseeing around the place and buy knick knacks otherwise known as souvenirs or in better language – just plain junk – to show off when you are back home.

Once you wake up you can stroll around to the other shacks. The one on the extreme left sells tea but the decor is something to die for. It is a boat where there is an ornate ceiling fan and if you want you can get port wine and tea with a fresh loaf of bread.

Try it the next time you are in Goa. Don’t forget the deep sleep. It goes with the wine and the steak.

– Debasish

Ed: I fully agree. I cannot understand why cruises to exotic locations categorically state ‘Indian food available throughout’. When in Goa, eat Goan. Interestingly, I will be in Goa with my family in September. I’m not sure which beach I’ll be shacked up next to, but Shark steak will definitely be on the agenda. Thanks!

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