Ruby Tuesday, GK-II, New Delhi

Ruby Tuesday is normally a great place with good service and above average food. This instance however, turned out to be a very unpleasant surprise. Read on to see what happened.

[Rating:1/5] I’ve always found the Ruby Tuesday experience to be impeccable though they have come up with bloopers in the past w.r.t. their food. The service at Ruby Tuesday however has always been above par and unreproachable.

With this incident however, their equity, at least in my mind has dropped vastly.

Every once in a while you come across a specimen of humanity who really should be have been doing something else. You also come across situations where a picture isn’t really worth a thousand words.

Take for instance my meeting with Deepinder yesterday. It was late in the afternoon and Ruby Tuesday was one of the few places still open and serving lunch. Coincidentally, I had my trusty camera with me and planned to take a few pictures of the food at Ruby Tuesday. On entering the place, I asked the waiter if I could please take some pictures. He said I could not and I asked him to please speak with his manager, just to be sure. This has happened in the past and most managers are perfectly willing to allow a couple of photos of your own food.

Here’s where the shocker came. A few minutes later, a chubby little man ambles across, looking for all the world like he wanted to punch my lights out (if he could reach up that is) and fairly rudely informs me that it is corporate policy and that I may not take any photos. If I could get permission from corporate, he would be happy to oblige.

Fair enough. I did recall one gent I had met from that company and asked him if his permission would do, to which the manager replied in the affirmative. Since I didn’t have the number, the manager pulled up the number from his mobile and held it up to me. Thinking he wanted me to call, I took the mobile and pressed the dial button.

You could have thought I’d fondled the man or something. His eyes spewed fire, his mouth curled into an expression of extreme distaste and defying the laws of physics, his hand shot out, snatched the phone away and he spat out an admonition in a voice quivering with rage, to the effect that I should use my own phone.

I’ve read other people’s reviews where they mention the manager did such and such rude thing, and always thought the customer must have done *something* to get the chap’s hackles up. I believe them now. I’m a fairly polite and mild mannered person and if I managed to arouse Mr. Pathak’s extreme ire, I shudder to think what the average Delhi-ite goes through at Ruby Tuesday GK-II.

For various reasons, we couldn’t get through to anyone we thought we could get permission from and decided to continue with our lunch and drop the idea of taking any photos. Here’s where the Ruby Tuesday Manager really crossed the line.

We were refused service unless the Ruby Tuesday staff were allowed to confisticate our camera bag.

Reliable sources at RTC restaurants who wish to remain anonymous confirm the no-photography is an edict issued by the company, however, not serving customers with cameras is in no way endorsed by the company. Apparently Mr. Pathak was acting on his own.

Things turned out okay in the end and we were allowed to sit in, with our camera bag and finish our meal. The food was the usual high calorie mixture of good and okay food that is normal for Ruby Tuesday.We ordered a vegetable Biryani and one New Orleans Seafood Platter. The vegetable Biryani is quite unlike normal Ruby Tuesday fare and probably an attempt to Indianise the menu. It used different flavors than one is used to in a Biryani but was ordinary otherwise. The New Orleans Seafood platter is an old Ruby Tuesday favorite and was good as usual. I don’t like their tendency to mix raw vegetables with rice, but then that’s me. The prawns were good while the fish was dry and could have done with a little more flavor. The sauce was nice (as in anything with loads of fat tastes good) and needed a little more seasoning.

The managers behavior however is something that came as quite a surprise. RTC restaurants seems to have at least two schools of thought – one that hires outstanding gentlemen like Pradeep at their Mandarin Trail outlet and another that poaches helpers from Dhabas or thinks ex-collection agency personnel make excellent restaurant managers.

Not allowing photography is fine, refusing service to people carrying cameras isn’t.

Verdict: Watch out for Ruby Tuesday in GK II M Block Market. Do *not* carry cameras or you may not be served. Do not take out your camera or you may find the roof shattering and black clad commandoes rappelling down and beating you into submission – or that’s how it felt anyway.

– Sid

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By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.