Review: Barista, Sector 18, NOIDA

There’s really no need to write a review for Barista, well known as it already is. Barista offers the standard range of muffins, calzones and sandwiches – both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Why am I writing this then?

I’ve been looking for a place in Sector 18, where I could obtain my morning cuppa – coffee that is and didn’t know which cafe would be open, notorious as most establishments are for opening no earlier than 10:00am. So, this morning, I did a quick drive by and found that Barista, Sector 18 is open from 8:30am. Needless to say, I gleefully ordered a large dose of caffiene for myself and a smaller latte for the wife. [INR 104]

Remember this then, all you chaps looking for a waker-upper before office – Barista, Sector 18 is opening from 8:30am onwards.


Added 17 Jan 2008: Tried their ‘fresh’ sandwiches today, which the chap brought straight off the delivery truck. Since they were ‘fresh’, I thought they would be fine un-grilled. Not. They were obviously the previous days product. Lesson: Either have them grilled or avoid.