Rasoi Magic by MTR Foods

Easy to use with great results, Parul loved her Rasoi Magic experience.

[singlepic id=1727 w=80 h=92 float=left]My personal connection with MTR Foods goes back to when I attended college in Southern India. This is was a home grown, feel good brand that brought you easy to cook South Indian snacks at a good price; all keywords for a student and one who loves Upma and Rava Idlis. This relationship was further reinforced when my brother, studying in London, would carry packets and packets of the ‘Masala’ variant of the Upma on his trips back home, some for him and some for friends… Turkish friends if you please! I am not a big one for Ready to Eat foods but ready mixes intrigue me. I won’t delve into the nutritional perspective because unless we grow and process our own food we can never be sure. I remember reading about organic certification in India; so different from those abroad, that it’s hard for me to trust organic produce most of the time. So let’s just be happy we have kitchen aids like ready mixes available now though I would like to see some continental and European variants too, not just curries and ramen.


[quote type=”center”]Mr. Sanjay Sharma had everyone eating out of his hands, literally![/quote]


Now let’s perk up a bit… the Rasoi Magic range from MTR Foods has blown my mind! Apart from the press conference which was very interesting as it had the pack appear amidst smoke and glittering lights, the conference also saw the CEO cook one of the variants. I love how affable top management have become. I suppose FMCG at some level requires people to connect with the consumer at a personal level and not just through Economic Times and Biz mags. Mr. Sanjay Sharma had everyone eating out of his hands, literally!

[box type=”info”] Rasoi Magic is a market leader in Western India in the meal mixes segment. Now that MTR Foods has acquired this brand, they have 30 new products/variants in their portfolio. 21 of these are regular dishes and 9 are no onion, no garlic variants, which when I spoke with Mr. Vikram Sabharwal, VP Marketing, was told would be available in Gujarat to begin with. Interesting![/box]

The pitch with Rasoi Magic is that these are dishes that taste like restaurant food and they are in powder form because MTR believes Indian homemakers like to be in control of the cooking medium they use and different regions use different mediums, fair enough. The process is very simple, saute the core vegetable ingredient in your choice of cooking oil, mix the powder with said amount of milk, add into the pan, simmer and voila! I tried 3 variants, they were all as easy and very delicious. My personal favourite is the Methi Mutter Malai, where all I needed was a cup of peas, milk and 2 tbsp of oil, the dish turned out great and we did feel it was very evolved compared to basic home cooking. The other 2 I tried were Paneer Makhanwalla, in which I was scrimped on the oil but it was still rich and creamy and the Paneer Butter Masala in which I substituted Paneer with chicken. I sauteed tomatoes in oil, add cubed boneless chicken and the Rasoi Magic mix blended with milk, it was one of nicest Butter Chicken curries we have had in a while. I am certainly looking forward to the next few variants from this brand!