The Punjabiis, GIP, NOIDA

Punjabi Buzz is a Punjabi (surprise!) restaurant in the Great India Place Mall. We tried their food (much to our peril) and report the experience here.

Ed: The Punjabiis is the new name for the erstwhile Punjabi Buzz.

[singlepic id=1726 w=80 h=92 float=left]Mistakes happen. Lunch at Punjabi Buzz in Great India Place, NOIDA with Indu and Cherie. BIG mistake. I’ve been avoiding eating here for a while, since it opened in November 2009. It looks like an accident waiting to happen and for some reason, I knew eating here wouldn’t ever count as one of our more memorable gastronomical experiences. But we did. We later drowned our sorrows at Costa Coffee; a huge mug of coffee, crumble cake and a chocolate melange calmed us down considerably.

Punjabi Buzz seems to be a fond collection of goof-ups; plate thumping, cutlery banging, slow, unresponsive, uninformed, unpolished, sloppy and clumsy waiters (for whom you’ll pay 9% service charge); the noisiest environs you’ve ever seen – mobiles, people chattering, waiters doing their stuff, the sound of wall high waterfalls, cutlery clattering on platers and in drawers, dishes being banged on tables – a cacophony of sounds; cramped interiors, bright red and electric blue recessed lights, dirty plates and cutlery, badly designed tables and covers; food that’ll have you begging to leave, run away even.

We ordered the most common items possible, considering the menu, which I’d seen a thousand times before. Dal Makhani Mast (159), Murgh Makhani Mast (165/240), Kofta Lahore Da (185), Tandoori Rotis (24) and Butter Naan (54). What is it with the ‘mast’ I wonder? Is it an astrology thing that guarantees success, much like our good friends Rravii, Pryanca, Ackshaii and Maneishaah?

The food arrived in about 30 minutes. Our half portion of Murgh Makhani Mast had two tiny, bony pieces floating in a veritable ocean of gravy, which tasted just about okay. The Dal Makhani Mast was awful and tasted of raw spice. The Butter Naan was thick and floury; the rotis were fine. The Kofta Lahore Da comprised four teeny weeny koftas in a brown gloop. The brown gloop didn’t have any taste or flavor come through, which I will admit requires considerable expertise. The purpose of doing so however is a mystery to me. The portions were fairly small too.

Punjabi Buzz seems to be a low-end, off-the-highway dhaba aspiring to be a fine dining restaurant. Visit at your own risk… better still, wait in the line for Pind Balluchi that’s one minute away. If you’re planning to open a restaurant however, you must visit Punjabi Buzz to observe all the things you musn’t do.