Organic Haus, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]Organic food and I have the same relation as I share with green tea; we are cordial when we meet and that’s just about it. So when we decided to visit the not so recently opened store in Kemp’s Corner called Organic Haus, wasn’t so enthusiastic. Happily, things unraveled differently. No, I am not a green tea lover now, nor do I prefer organic bread or whole wheat pasta over the usual white flour ones, but I would definitely try anything organic now.

So what brought about this change? An open mind and a few things I tried at the store.

Organic Haus is next to the single Aston Martin showroom at Kemp’s Corner, so it is hard to miss. The store is not sprawling, but well laid-out with carefully located counters, which allows people to move with ease. This also means you can hold on to a loaf of well-packed bread and ponder over whether it’s worth buying without being nudged forward or hissed at. The single issue is that most of items on offer are sourced from Germany, so figuring out the ingredients in a product can be a puzzling exercise. Also, considering their products are pretty expensive, I’d suggest they pay more attention to worn import-stickers that mention expiry and production dates. A saving grace are the well informed staff.

[quote type=”center”]The store sources from Germany because products have to be 90 percent organic to get the ‘Organic’ stamp in that country. I likes.[/quote]


[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Schnitzer Sport Bread[/tabtext] [tabtext]Beutelsbacher Exotic Mix[/tabtext] [tabtext]Rapunzel Wholewheat Pasta[/tabtext] [tabtext]Organic Tea[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Thankfully has instructions drawn, but finding other information on the pack is a largely futile effort. Most text is in German. A multi-grain bread, it has an unusual dark colour and tastes best when toasted. The pack features a picture of pine nuts and they are present in good quantities. Best had with poached eggs, fried bacon and eggs sunny side up. The texture makes it more pleasurable and filling. It stay for little longer than a week without a change in taste. More so, it also has a gluten-free version.[/tab] [tab]Essentially fruit concentrate used for making fruit drinks. Slightly bitter and drier than the usual fare available in the market, it isn’t that great a juice/sherbet, but makes for an excellent cocktail ingredient – while negating the use of Bitters. One bottle, stored properly goes a long way.[/tab] [tab]Slightly more expensive than the ones in the market, they need extra spicing because of the extra flavors of whole wheat; and we don’t just mean the atta but also the bhurra. Good thing is it cooks beautifully (less than 10 minutes) and goes amazingly well with BBQ chicken with cheese. If going saucy add a bit more spice to get a better all round taste. Of course there are sauces available like Red Rosso (tomato pesto), but we would suggest being more creatiuve while spicing this pasta. Boiled pasta coated in a little olive oil stays for a week in the refrigerator.[/tab] [tab]This is the section where Organic Haus scores. There is a fairly well curated collection of both green teas – in tje form of tea bags and pre-made ice teas, and tea fusions. They are mostly sweet, so they’d probably work well with our masala-chai palates. Our pick of the lot is of course the Temptation pack from Sonnentor. At Rs 700, it combines the six different flavours of the brand’s finest tea, and is the perfect sampler to pick up to know which one you would prefer most. There is also the Susse Momente Feiern. Essentially a fruity fusion, this is perfect for transitions. It’s sweet and has that familiar fruity aroma that keeps you sipping with joy. Among my personal favourites is the Finger Lemon Tea; essentially green tea with just the right amount of ginger to keep that nausea.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Having said that, I have to admit, while their pate section doesn’t have much available choice, their organic chocolates from brands like Rapunzel and Vivani in flavours such as coconut and hazelnut, in both milk and dark varieties, are among the finest.

Given that the store isn’t that old, I expected a bit more stuff in each category. A good thing is that the staff know the products well and can help customers make informed decisions.  As for the price, you’ll probably pay the same amount for imported stuff at Gourmet Store among others.

Organic Haus is worth a visit, but you may just want to brush your German before you step in.

Madhulika Dash

Madhulika is deeply interested in eating, sniffing, looking at and writing about food among other possible activities. Madhulika enjoys trying different types of food and travelling to distant locations, with the North Pole and Timbuktu prominent in her wish list. Madhulika covers Mumbai for Chef at Large and can be reached at