Mismo, Janpath Hotel, Janpath, Delhi [Closed]

Mismo is a fairly old, as restaurants go, presence at the Janpath Hotel in New Delhi. Claiming to serve Mexican food and good food at that, we attempt to verify their claims and also try their new tequila menu.

[Rating:3/5] [singlepic id=991 w=320 h=240 float=left]Mismo is a well thought out restaurant within the Janpath Hotel premises, located behind the hotel. Focusing on Mexican food for most part, Mismo has three seating areas – outdoor, lounge and normal dining. These areas have, hold your breath – 36, 24 and 36 covers respectively. Quite ‘attractive’ seating, huh? :-)

We chose to sit at the normal dining area, that comprises unpolished, fairly rustic looking chairs and tables. I did note some tables were in need of repair. The service started out quite friendly, till the bearer needed to communicate. At this point it became apparent the waiter’s preferred mode of communication was hand gestures and grunts. He also made the supreme effort of rising up to monosyllables on occasion. I also didn’t particularly approve of front-end staff chatting in the kitchen whilst leaning on a mise-en-place in the kitchen, with his head uncovered. Chatting of course is fine, but one has to respect live food areas in the kitchen during work time – no butts on counters or uncovered heads in the kitchen please.

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They have a ‘new’ tequila menu, which is worth taking a look at. We tried the Bloody Maria, Mismo Jam Jar Margherita and the Mismo Tequito among other cocktails on offer and quite liked all of them. Our meal consisted of a guacamole dip served with corn chips, Mexican corn salad, grilled vegetable quesadillas, smoked chicken enchiladas, lamb fajitas a tomato soup and Churros. The food was good too, and I couldn’t stop digging into the corn salad, which comprised diced vegetables with fat, juicy nuggets of golden, piled on a layer of nachos. Tasted very fresh and quite nice. The lamb fajitas were nice too, but I did feel the portion size of the lamb needed a little enhancing. The only forgettable item was the tomato soup, which tried hard to impress, but failed. Apart from that, the food at Mismo is quite nice and really should be tried once.The Churros were very well made. Light as air, deep fried piped pastry sprinkled with castor sugar, dipped into chocolate sauce. Really divine!

The combination of their food and prices is an unbeatable combination and I really would recommend a visit to Mismo.

– Sid

Meal for two: Rs 1,500