Meatless Saturdays at Mélange, Park Plaza, Bangalore

Mélange certainly lives up to its name and provides quite the eclectic blend of food.

My first trip to Marathahalli led me last Saturday to the Park Plaza Hotel. There to partake of the Meatless Saturday dinner buffet, I was not quite sure where I was going, or indeed what to expect! First point to note: all the restaurants at Park Plaza are housed on one floor, a first for me, in my hotel visits. I kinda liked it actually! Second, the range at Mélange, and the large number of people there. Families, guests of the hotel, couples on date night, single guys n gals on a night out-take your pick, they were present. For the month of September,  Mélange is trying out a veg-only dinner buffet (7.30pm – 11.30pm), and I can only wonder at what the spread will be like, with the inclusion of meat, because valiant as my efforts (and those of the friend I went with) were, there was no way we could, even between the two of us, try it all!

If Marathahalli is at an easy distance, or if an all-veg buffet catches your fancy, do visit. For the very affordable and totally worth it price of Rs 599++, you will get a range of excellent salads and starters, some fine breads (the cheese twists were so good, my friend and I both reached for seconds with our main meal), and an impressive choice of Indian food, alongside select Chinese and Thai dishes. The Lebanese and Japanese offerings were to be found as Mezze and Sushi, respectively, and both did full credit to their backgrounds. My friend and I were both delighted by the quality of the olives available, and I must recommend the cold salad bar.

There were live stations for Enchiladas (they did the stuffing right, but the shell was more roti than tortilla, and she and I both ended up deconstructing our enchiladas and eating just the inside), Chinese stir fry, chats (samosa chat, a spectacular papdi chat, and rather blah pani-puri). The starters served to us included a lovely mustard flavored paneer and a cutlet-like hara bhara kebab. There were so very many dishes for the main course, with something for everyone and from many a state. My friend loved the Gujarati Khichidi and Rajasthani Kadi Pakodi, and agreed with my recommendation of the Kabuli Channa Biryani, which was just perfect. Sarson Ka Saag, Seb aur Ananas Ki Subzi and Mirch aur Baigan ka Salan were all good and different from the norm for a buffet. There were the usual Avial and Rasam and other South Indian choices as well. One note; the fried vadams and papads had gone soft from being left open, which was just sad and made me wonder who, where, had dropped the ball.


[quote type=”center”]I cannot conclude on the mains without a shout-out to one of the most mind blowing Thai Green curries I have ever eaten.[/quote]


There was a big dessert counter, with tempting offerings, but mostly very disappointing. The Rasgullahs were hard, the brownies undercooked and a couple other things that tasted more cough syrup than desserts. In short, the desserts need help. There was one item, a passion fruit tart, that was tarte and almost cheesecake like-the only saving grace. I hope Mélange will get their desserts in order, because it will definitely be a very hard to beat buffet in terms of size+pricing, should they do so. We also tried a couple of the Park’s signature cocktails: Blueberry Julep and Thai Mojito… fun and tasty selections. There is outdoor seating on the terrace, an added plus for smokers and anyone who wants to dine al fresco plus plenty of indoor seating as well.

Mélange certainly lives up to its name and provides quite the eclectic blend of food.


By Natasha Ali

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