Krimzon Cafe, Gurgaon

Krimzon Cafe is a multi cuisine restaurant in Gurgaon. Is it as most multi cuisines go – between awful to average or is it actually worth visiting?

[singlepic id=1726 w=80 h=92 float=left]Krimzon Cafe is a 68 cover, full service, multi cuisine restaurant that serves a mixture of European, Oriental and Indian food. The interiors are comfortable and optimised to maximize covers rather than improve on aesthetics.  As long as you don’t stretch your expectations, disappointment will stay quite far away. I do wish they had spell checked their menus.

[nggallery id=76] [singlepic id=1170 float=right]We tried their Charga Chicken Roast, Caesar Salad, Prawn Salt Pepper, Chicken Noodles, Chicken in Schezwan Sauce, Mutton Nihari, Dal Makhani and Rotis. The salad was avoidable, the Chinese could have been better, but the Indian food was utterly delicious! The Mutton Nihari was to die for. It was well cooked, correctly spiced and used the right cuts of meat resulting in a dish that was spicy, meaty and I savored each bite with hunks of plain tandoori roti. Outside of Jama Masjid and a few Muslim friends, this is one of the best Nihari’s I’ve come across and I strongly recommend you try it at the next available opportunity.

Ed: In sharp contrast to our experience, Parul Pratap Shirazi had a few words on Krimzon Cafe. “My first disappointment was the spellings too. Considering that even menu printers these days have access to MS word and thus to ‘spell check’. I found the ambience a tad too overwhelming, my mind kept asking ‘is it a cafe or is it a pub?’ It’s kind of both. Personally I avoid multi cuisine restaurants because it’s easier to be great at one thing, so I was expecting a certain level of dissatisfaction. I prefer to stick with Indian food in places like this. I am a complete ‘red meat’ person, so I asked for the best mutton dish they have, I was served ‘their’ version of rogan josh. I also wanted a lighter chicken curry, again I asked the management for advice. By the end of it, the only nice stuff on my table were the butter roti’s, soft inside, crispy on the top, buttered just right. The mutton was overdone, the cuts were bony and despite the bone the pieces were tough. It felt like the meat had been parboiled separately, I could taste the boiled-ness. Basically, the spices hadn’t reach far enough. The chicken was non-descript, it was like the kind of curries you eat at different friend’s home while growing up. You know how every home has a distinct chicken curry, this was Krimzon’s. I wish I had chosen the dishes instead of asking for recommendations, but then I doubt I am going back so I don’t need to remember what I ate. In all fairness, I should mention once more, the staff was nice, the place was neat and the roti’s were genuinely good. I noticed that most of the people eating there were the working lot from the building that the restaurant is in and they don’t have much of a choice in immediate surroundings.”

Krimzon Cafe is good for a mid week family lunch or a weekend when you don’t feel like cooking… and don’t forget to order the Nihari.

Meal for two: Rs 800

– Sid