Japanese Fest at Feast, Sheraton Bangalore

If you like your Japanese, a visit to the Sheraton to partake of Chef Kyoji Endo’s goodies is a must.

I could mark my one year anniversary attending Chef’s Tables and previews as a Chef at Large team member, when the Sheraton’s Japanese Food festival invite arrived, for it was with their Japanese food fest last year, that my adventures began. And what a year of food and fun it’s been! Back to the present though. Running from the 5th to the 14th of July, the Asian section of the Feast buffet has been given over to visiting Japanese Chef Kyoji Endo to showcase his country’s cuisine. Here from the Westin Tokyo, he is a tempura specialist. A fact I discovered after I had eaten some and complimented the excellent nature of the batter!

Sushi roll
Sushi roll

The night we visited, there was whitefish in vinegar sauce, a fried tofu dish, a miso soup (with tofu and veggies), fried pork, sushi (California roll and salmon roll) and as mentioned already, rather excellent shrimp tempura served with three different powders (a new presentation for moi; I am used to soy sauce and nothing else). Miso soup is a personal favorite, and on a rainy evening, this one really hit the spot – that delicate and unique flavor, the veggies and mushrooms. My dining companion, suffering from a sore throat, found it particularly soothing. The sushi was decent –  not extraordinary, which, I think, is partly the fault of the fish one can get locally. I enjoyed the California roll (veg sushi) best, filled with crisp cucumber. The fried tofu dish was really good too, though I was surprised there was no rice or noodle accompaniment. My friend pointed out that rather than being able to make an entire meal of the Japanese section, it served as the perfect first course, and I agreed.

We nibbled on a few dishes (special mention to the roasted pork – pretty unbeatable with it’s thick crackling on top) from the rest of the vast buffet spread, but being the veterans that we are, saved most of our space for dessert. As always, there was a huge variety of Indian and Western desserts to choose from: cakes, tortes, custards, and so much more. The special cold teppenyaki, where you can get the icecreams of your choosing beaten together with your favorite toppings, was available too, and even though its not on the menu or out at the dessert station, ask and you shall be in receipt of a bowl of Green Tea ice cream. Its green tea-ness is a bit mellow, but is also creamy, tasty and made in-house. So, should you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by Feast and check out the Japanese food, available as part of the buffet, for both lunch and dinner, until the end of this week.