The Incredible Egg

I love eggs, always have! My winter staple as a child was a half boiled egg every morning before school, topped with a little butter and no salt. The saltiness of the butter would drench the runny egg and nothing else would mar the rich, creamy flavour that was both mildly offensive and hugely inviting at the same time. If this is the kind of relationship you share with eggs, then you probably have already developed the best recipe for an omelet, scramble and for the more adventurous, Eggs Benedict! The spiel aside, eggs genuinely qualify as a whole food, packed with nutrients and loads of protein, so if you want an under 100 calorie snack, don’t reach out for hyper processed soya snacks, savour a boiled egg instead! Top with Tabasco, Dijon or if all this sounds like too much work then head on over to Smoke House Deli for their Wonderful Egg promo, which is indeed, wonderful. This also makes for an all-day breakfast menu, something which is popping up fast and furious, each one upping the ante with variants of brekkie staples and sides, but Smoke House has taken it to a whole new level!

The egg menu isn’t extensive but it’s perfectly stocked! There is my all-time favourite, Classic Steak and Eggs with Fries (INR 430), so we started with that! Medium rare steaks work best with buff or as many restaurants insist on calling it – tenderloin. The meat softens up, the tissue begins to break up, leaving you with a steak that has a bite but isn’t chewy. Over a bed of slivered fries, thin and crisp with a fried egg to boot, this is a classic at Smoke House and a definite must have. I have seen people slather it with Tabasco – we did no such thing! This was closely followed by a dish that I am hoping gets absorbed into the regular menu simply because it’s so fine. The Curry Benedict (INR 260) is a delightful take on regular Benedict. Perfectly poached eggs sit atop a bed of fried, potato cubes (like cottage fries), which are laid over pork franks and ham. The curry flavour is very Anglo, not spicy but fragrant, with a slight kick as an aftertaste. The potatoes add a bit of sweetness and are fried soft but what really brings this skillet together is the quality of the sausages and ham. It’s just layers of hash browns, breakfast style meats, no masala and a juicy porkiness, all of which make this dish my new favourite at Smoke House! So far the eggs did a hell of a lot of good to us, we weren’t just satisfied, we were full! But Chef insisted we try the Truffled Ramen with Poached Eggs (INR 210). More than truffle, my palate found horseradish (?!!) and the Ramen were more like Masala Noodles. There was absolutely nothing inherently wrong with the dish, we just expected something on the lines Euro-Jap and instead found the Ramen to be Indo-Japanese! Though please note for those of you who love Top Ramen style curry noodles, this one’s a winner! As much as we’d have liked, we couldn’t possibly have eaten another bite but the Greek Style Baked Eggs (INR 340) with sauteed tomato, onions, olives and crumbled feta sounded so good that we have a plan to go once before the Wonderful Egg bids adieu!

 Available at: All Smoke House Deli outlets across Delhi

Date: 23rd March   – 23rd May, 2015

Timing: 11 am – midnight, 7 days a week

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.