Home Cooking Made Easy By Lorraine Pascale

Chef Lorraine Pascale, who hosts her food shows on TLC and Fox Traveller, is unafraid to reinvent classics and is fairly old school, using over a dozen ingredients like our mothers did, but also innovates on ways to reduce cooking time and prep fine dining meals right in your kitchen.

Model-turned-chef Lorraine Pascale hosts food shows on TLC and Fox Traveller where she has taken home cooking to a whole new level. After all, as a mother she has a good handle on how family meals are planned and how Mac-n-cheese does not always cut it.

Lorraine found her calling in food after she enrolled in loads of courses to find out what would really make her tick, including hypnotherapy and interior design. It was not until she enrolled in a year-long cookery course at Leith’s that she finally knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to cook! All this happened while she was still modelling!

Her background in the beauty business reinforces her pledge to eat and live well without making food an unhealthy obsession, which is why it is actually easier to trust a skinny chef these days! After completing the Leith’s Diploma of Food and Wine, Lorraine did a two-year foundation degree in International Culinary Arts in Pastry and worked in some renowned kitchens, including Petrus, The Mandarin Oriental, Gilgamesh and The Wolseley. Later, she started her own business creating celebration cakes.

Her first television cookery series ‘Baking Made Easy’ was launched as a prime time TV show on BBC Two, where Lorraine discussed her love of good food, while whipping up recipes, both sweet and savoury. She talked about her love of baking and launched a book with the same title. The book went straight to the top of Amazon’s Food & Drink bestsellers list.

But we were more intrigued by her second offering, ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’, which in a sense embodied everything that she’s about – good food made easy, elegant and experiential. Though the book doesn’t follow the step-by-step imagery format, the final products are presented lusciously.

Calling herself a mad food scientist, Lorraine has created a book with recipes she collected and perfected over the years. It is evident in the way she narrates the method that you don’t need stepby-step hand holding; it is genuinely home cooking made easy!

Lorraine's first TV cookery series ‘Baking Made Easy’ was launched as a prime time TV show on BBC Two, where she discussed her love of good food, while whipping up recipes.
Lorraine’s first TV cookery series ‘Baking Made Easy’ was launched as a prime time TV show on BBC Two, where she discussed her love of good food, while whipping up recipes.

The collection includes 100 tried and tested recipes spread across soups, starters, canapés, bread, mains and desserts – further segmented into cakes, cookies, sweets, jams and as she puts it, ‘other good stuff’! At first look, it is easy to presume that her recipes have cut corners in terms of ingredients, barely any use of bottles, cans or jars, making it more wholesome than most contemporary cookbooks by TV chefs.

Elaborate preps like Beef Wellington, Prawn Bisque or a Rack of Lamb are given their due with easy to source ingredients and tips on how to produce a fivestar dish. In fact, the vegetarian selection creates a good balance if you want to make a party menu out of this collection.

Considering Lorraine’s background in baking, the cake and cookie recipes are a balance of easy and extravagant. But since her narrative is home style, it is not in any way inhibiting. Once you see the method you’ll find you can make that particular dish too!

Following the success of ‘Baking Made Easy’, Lorraine has starred in a several BBC Two TV series, including ‘Baking Made Easy’, ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’, ‘Fast, Fresh and Easy Food’ and ‘How to Be A Better Cook’. From the entire collection, we liked ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’ the most. It is an attractive proposition and who wouldn’t want to make good food easier to cook?

With international ingredients easier to source, all of the 100 recipes are doable depending upon your kitchen prowess and your sense of adventure because a gorgeous, perfectly cooked Beef Bourguignon just got easier to make!

By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.