Hokey Pokey – Digging In Deep

Choosing what goes into your icecream and watching it being blended in front of you is interesting to say the least. And savouring the result of this effort is simply yummilicious!

It’s easy to miss Hokey Pokey at Bandstand, snuggled as it is within the Barista outlet (Yes, the same one which is frequented by Salman Khan). So, if you are looking out for blue signage and colour, which is associated with Hokey Pokey, don’t hold your breath. Since it is an extension of Barista Bandra’s hip and a sea-facing outlet, it has adopted the orange facade typical of Barista.

But once you have located it, you might be surprised at it’s small size. But fret not, the menu is extensive. There’s even a special creation here, called the Barista Venetian Carnival – a Lavazza coffee ice cream with dark chocolate shavings, Cadbury Gems and rainbow sprinkles.

If you are a first timer to Hokey Pokey, here’s the novel concept of this ice cream parlour chain: You can create your own ice cream by choosing a base flavour, then adding in various ingredients like cookies, brownie chunks, pralines, Nutella, glazed cherries, choco chips, etc, and then mixing it together so that it blends well. The result – a creation that is all you – for you, by you, and like you! While this is not a very new concept internationally, Hokey Pokey claims it brought this concept to India.

There are also some ready made signature creations you can try in waffle cups, like Double Chocolate Therapy, which is dark Belgian chocolate ice cream with brownies, Nutella and dark chocolate fudge. Choco-lovers, this is your bugle call for decadent pleasure! We tried this and well, it was chocolatey delicious – and thankfully the chocolate ice cream was not grainy, but well blended with the fudge. Of course, this is truly for chocoholics, and we even suggested that the name be changed to ‘Death By Chocolate’ which felt more apt though perhaps a trifle cliched!

If you are adventurous however and would like to create your own masterpiece, then you are in for a good time. You can choose from any of the flavours like Green Apple (which we liked best), Banana Caramel (the essence of Banana came through, but it definitely wasn’t caramelised), Boom Boom Bubblegum (which we are told is a hit with the kids, obviously) or the Strawberry Cheesecake (it tasted like a regular strawberry ice cream).

You can then choose the mixes that you would like to opt for. There are three options here – the Premium mix-ins (Rs 25 each) like Graham Cracker, Galaxy, Twix, Bounty or Bournville chocolates, Fererro Rocher, peanut butter or Nutella. The Classic mix-ins (Rs 15) includes Oreo cookies, choco chips, sprinkles, jujubes, nuts as well as chocolates like Perk, Dairy Milk, Gems, etc. Choose from these and the attendant will add them to the base ice cream, beating and blending them, to offer you an ice cream that you can say was created by you – at least technically speaking!

An interesting thing to note is that the base ice cream flavours vary from outlet to outlet, based on the preference of the local crowds. So if the Kandivali outlet sees many customers opt for paan-flavored ice cream, green apple suits the Bandra crowd better!

Mixing your ice cream is getting to be a popular concept in India, if the presence of Hokey Pokey outlets in Mumbai is any indication. But it remains to be seen, if this fascination outlives the novelty it currently offers. We hope it does!

Double Chocolate Therapy
Double Chocolate Therapy