Have Hakka? Be Happy!

Chinese food makes us Happy and as much as I believe the ‘Hakka’ we have here is nowhere close to the real thing, we love it nevertheless.

I grew up watching American TV sitcoms on VHS and absorbed few things very sublimely, into my own life. Take my love for fresh brewed coffee, that festers in a pot all day – I love that stuff! An earnest search for Bagels, satiated only in the year 2011 and the yearning for Chinese take-out in a white box with chopsticks on top! That yearning was recently taken care of sans the white take-out box, thanks to an all-new take-away (because that’s what we call it here!) and delivery service called Happy Hakka. To begin with, I love the name; Chinese food makes us happy and as much as I believe the Hakka we have here is nowhere close to the ‘real’ thing, we love it nevertheless. A start-up by a bunch of friends who felt that there was an inadequate supply of quality Chinese food that was both affordable and delivered to the doorstep, I suspect Happy Hakka was birthed over a drinking session because that’s usually when all the good ideas happen! As of now they have three QSRs, serving Oriental and Fusion food (read: Chinese), but seating is limited, and the dining experience is quick and fast food-y, which makes home delivery a better option. Within the a la carte menu, there is a selection of combos which make sense for parties. Considering IPL season, this would be a good time to call friends over and try Happy Hakka!

Khao Suey
Khao Suey Chicken with Rice – unusual but familiar and comforting

I suggest you start your Happy journey with the Tangy Tamarind Salad  (INR 99/129, veg/chicken). The  vegetarian version was excellent, the crunchiness was actually retained which is quite the surprise and the pricing of course! For starters make it a mix of Crunchy Munchy Chicken Rolls (INR 229) and a selection of Dimsum. I really liked the Spinach ‘n’ Corn Dimsum (INR 129) and the Chicken ‘n’ Mushroom Sui Mai (INR 129). The rolls come in a junior size for almost half the price, which makes sense if it’s just you and a friend enjoying a meal! They reach fresh and relatively intact – I think Happy Hakka has cracked the code for delivering Chinese food that holds it’s integrity, not the squidgy mush we all have been subjected to, and this I believe will be their win! There was one Dimsum I was intrigued by but not enough to try. If you do, do get back to us about how it was – the Cheese and Peppers Pizza, yes they Dimsummed it! The mains were when the comfort – Chinese really kicked in and I say that with happiness, that’s the flavour we are used to and in the culinary chain, it has a bona fide place. Loved the Chicken in Fiery Schezwan Sauce (INR 249) – super fiery, soft chicken, good balance of meat and veggies, what more do you need? Club that with a portion of Classic Hakka Noodles (INR 99/149, veg/chicken) and if you want another side with rice, then try the Khao Suey Chicken with Rice (INR 239), unusual but familiar and comforting. Next time it’s going to be either the Curry Noodles or the Ramen, both sound good and given how much we all liked this meal, it probably will be good! This entire meal was more than enough for 4 and hit a very pocket friendly total.
IPL party reminder: Try Happy Hakka and don’t miss a minute of the action! With 3 outlets in Delhi-NCR, there’s a good chance they deliver where you are and price points are as low as INR 399 for 2!!

By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.