Grill on a Hill, Dwarka

Grill on a Hill is a new restaurant in Dwarka. Does it fulfill it’s ambitions of serving great food in a sophisticated ambiance? We found out for you.

[Rating:2.5/5] Grill on a Hill is a new multi cuisine restaurant in Dwarka. Aimed at bringing a South Delhi ambiance to Dwarka, Grill on a Hill’s name is inspired by the many meals the promoters have eaten at hill stations. True to the name and it’s inspiration, Grill on a Hill features both indoor and outdoor dining. Though there isn’t much of  view from the terrace seating, it’s definitely quite pleasant, if the weather permits.

The interiors are quite well done, with standard indoor seating, outdoor seating and two cosy little nooks for small groups. Space isn’t a constraint, and though I shudder at the thought of it, there’s enough room for a gang of boistrous little boys to make merry and more. Our very first look at the menu was both exhilerating and disappointing. The menu was beautifully done with mouth-watering pictures on every alternate page. One particular cut of meat made me take closer notice and brought out the fact that none of the photos were of the food served in the restaurant. The menu itself is a few steps above average in the dishes it offers.

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We tried their Chicken Shorba, Tomato Shorba, Non Veg Platter, Chicken Wrapped Broccoli, Spicy Chicken, (Mutton) Larb Kai, Yellow Dal, Tandoori Roti, Phaad Thai Noodles, Ghosht Shahi Korma, Sliced Chicken in Chinese Greens and finally some Banana Toffee.

The soups were strictly avoidable while none of the Thai or Chinese food tasted like Thai or Chinese. Having gotten that out of the way, if you ignore the origins of the Thai and Chinese food, the dishes were definitely tasty. I especially liked the Chicken Wrapped Broccoli, which was well executed, delicious and quite innovative too. A good way to get your children to eat their vegetables. All the Indian food, without question was excellent and I’d go back for the same any day. Of particular mention was the Non Veg Platter. Featuring Malai tikka, Chicken tikka, Mutton Seekh Kebab and Fish Ajwaini, it was absolutely scrumtious! The Malai Tikka and The Fish Ajwaini were to die for with the rest of the kebabs coming in a close second. The Banana Toffee while not quite a Banana Toffee, was quite good too.

If you’re ever in the vicinity, do try the Indian food at Grill on a Hill and please do order the Non Veg Platter.

– Sid