Global Grills in Picturesque Outdoors

The Oberoi is one of the five stars in town that I haven’t visited for a meal, despite having had family stay there, and friends say how much they love it! Last year, work kept me from attending an event and the other ladies who attended still remind me of the wonderful meal I missed. Thus, when the very same foursome was invited there, this time to enjoy the balmy outdoors in Bangalore while partaking of the Global Grills Festival at Polo Club, I was determined to not miss out. And I made it, though late, battling Friday night traffic. There was only one cocktail for me, once I heard the words “Earl Grey Martini” – anyone who knows me even slightly, and certainly everyone who knows me well, will amusedly attest to the fact that I have quite the addiction to Earl Grey tea. Add alcohol to the mix, and well, I just had my high, didn’t I?! Especially since the drink had a palpable, bold Earl Grey flavor, none of that just a hint of it stuff!

Orange Creme Brulee topped with figs
Orange Creme Brulee topped with figs

The a la carte menu of carefully crafted grills is impressive and with the exception of one item, the half a dozen things we were presented tasting portions of, were just delicious. The full sized portions come with sides like a baked potato, mash, creamed spinach grilled veggies or corn on the cob. I spied both Rock lobster and Scampi on the menu, apart from New Zealand lamp chops and Snail Sausage. The first morsel I ate just happened to be the very best – Twice cooked Australian pork belly with mustard and honey glaze (INR 1850). Oh what a delicious bite that was! The Scottish Salmon (INR 1500) was another beautiful prep, and I quite enjoyed the fresh fish of the day too. The grilled sausage was nicely done, the Barbequed chicken skewers (INR 950) packed a lot more flavor than expected and received a round of oohs and aahs across the table, while the Tiger Prawns (INR 1250) and Tenderloin ( INR 975) hit all the right notes. The only dish we didn’t care for was the Shish kebab with pita and vegetables (INR 1150), for the simple reason it was heavy on the salt.

The young ‘un at the table took me to the pond where frogs and tadpoles serenaded and Koi fish of all sizes and colors made their merry way. The timing of the festival is done to coincide with the last lovely evenings that Bangalore offers before the heat of summer sets in – so for the rest of February, you can enjoy a taste of global grills, each dish and meat with its perfectly paired marinades and sauces, in the open air surroundings. I could not end without a mention of dessert – an Orange creme brulee after my own heart, with the notes of citrus and a perfectly torched crust, and what we were told is a massive favorite at The Oberoi, Belgian Chocolate Pudding with vanilla ice cream, a fondant cake with an oozing chocolate center.

Natasha Ali

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