Friday Evening at Donatello

Friday evening at Donatello
Friday evening at Donatello
D had a bicycle to deliver in Dunstable and as we know a good Italian eaterie there, I was looking forward to supper. It is more of a café than a restaurant, having only eight tables. It is decorated with pictures of Italian celebrities, Dean Martin, Sophia Loren etc. and the tables are covered in red checked oil cloth. The obligatory Chianti bottles are dripped with candle wax and Italian music plays all night long.The menu is varied with pasta, pizza and meat and fish on offer, but I wanted something different tonight so opted for the vegetarian meal of the day, vegetables with spaghetti. They always manage to cook the pasta exactly to my taste, just past al dente, and this was then mixed with the vegetables which, tonight were spinach, mushrooms, onion, pepper, garlic and chilli all just heated in olive oil so there was still a little crunch to everything. It was perfect. We always order a small carafe of wine for me which is always delicious though I have no idea what it is and a Peroni for D. We probably eat there only about four times a year but the staff always welcome us by name. The coffee is excellent and the Grappa goes down well.. Everything that evening was cooked to order and the freshness was evident. All in all, a very pleasant supper.

– Toni

Toni Anne

a small Welsh woman who left Wales at the age of 18 and has rarely been back since. She has a daughter whom she adores and a partner who lives down the road. Toni studied fine art and, if she didn't have to work to pay the mortgage, would like to paint daily. She enjoys good food and wine but doesn't get the chance to cook very often since her man does most of it. Toni reads a lot, mostly travel and food writing but also enjoys Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld novels. She doesn't watch TV very much but usually has the radio playing, mostly Radio 3 or 4.