Another view of the Tea Room clicked at F 9 | Shutter Speed 1/6|

Canon EOS 77D: Capturing Food Smartly

Salman Moin takes us through a heritage resort with the new Canon EOS 77D that features a touchscreen and WiFi among other path breaking features. What do you think?

by Salman Moin

The time between summer and monsoon in our country is exciting in various ways. From the onset of various fruits and seasonal drinks to the changing landscape of the skies, the view in front of you keeps getting beautiful than ever.

As the skies are starting to change with the onset of the monsoon, I decided to head this weekend to a slightly unknown city of Churi Ajitgarh in Mandawa, Rajasthan for a two-day trip. This was my second trip to the city and more exciting because of the new gadget I had to give me company, the Canon EOS 77D, through which I captured my short trip.

I was staying in a 150 year old haveli that has now been converted in to a beautiful heritage property called Vivaana. I am glad that I was carrying my camera as the property is a photographer’s paradise.

The main reception veranda F 9 | Shutter Speed 1/4 |


The common sitting area clicked at F 3 | Shutter Speed 1/60
Delicious Kulfi clicked at F 2.5 | Shutter Speed 1/60 |

The interesting part about the EOS 77D is the use of its Wi-Fi connect that helped me transfer the images directly to my smartphone so I can share it on social media platforms. This really has reduced my time from transferring the images to my laptop and then to my phone.

Since I reached the location around lunch time, I checked in and headed for lunch wherein the delicious thali welcomed us. And the only reason you are able to view them in the beautiful way they were served is because of the AWB White Priority mode and in low lights on the EOS 77D. This mode helped correct the usual issue of white appearing as off white, or cream coloured, depending on the indoor lighting. It’s really an awesome feature for people who capture food.

Live and smartphone connectivity provide a great way to enhance the photographer’s performance.


The delicious traditional veg thali clicked at F 2.8 | Shutter Speed 1/60 |
Pool view from the restaurant. Clicked at F 1.8 | Shutter Speed 1/125 |

Post my lunch, I explored the haveli and the various elements it had to offer which basically let me create my list of what all to capture with the EOS 77D. And with the number of Fresco paintings that the heritage property had to offer I was surely in for a delight.

I started my day early the next morning. The outdoor pictures turned out to be extremely well because of the good natural lighting that kept changing during this season. The EOS 77D helped me capture highly detailed photos, complete with intricate textural details.

The grip is comfortable, soft and sturdy, making every click a stable and pleasurable experience.


F 4 | Shutter Speed 1/100 |

Based on the 24 MP sensor, the EOS 77D features a 45 point AF system with an upgraded Digic 7 Processor. I would recommend this camera for the hobbyists and people who are looking to upgrade their existing DSLR. The touchscreen is responsive which gives a very good feel of using a high-end camera. The best part, it lets you set focus point in live mode with a single touch.

The beautiful Tea Room with sunlight. Clicked at F 9 | Shutter Speed 0.8 |
Full points to the camera and location. F 2.8 | Shutter Speed 1/15|

The live view of the camera and connecting to a smartphone gives one a better advantage at tight spots and different angles which are usually not easy to click. This is easily doable with the touch click and live view focus and tracking. One needs to download the Canon Camera Connect application that is available on both iOS App Store and Google PlayStore to access this feature and see the magic of clicking from spots you would not think of click earlier. Specially a family grouping or a group image.

The hand grip provided by the camera provides a great handling experience that also gives it a sturdy feel. The performance at low light supported by a great battery life makes it worth its value.

One of the bedrooms clicked at night on F 9| Shutter Speed 1|


Peacock taking a stroll clicked at F 9 | Shutter Speed 1/1600|
Another view of the Tea Room clicked at F 9 | Shutter Speed 1/6|

This is an all-in-one feature packed shooter at an affordable price for the serious photographer who will find value in it. For those of you looking to buy a beginner DSLR, I would recommend the newly launched EOS 1300D.

Shot with: Canon EOS 77D
Location: Vivaana Culture Hotel, Mandawa
Photography by: Pranav, Salman