Daitchi, South Extension-II, New Delhi

Daitchi is a little oriental restaurant in South Ex Part II, Delhi. Serving typical Indian Chinese food, it is quite approachable and useful for a quick snack during a shopping break. Should you visit? Amit Uppal tells you more.

Contributed by Amit Uppal


Chinese cuisine has always been on top of my favorites list, but I haven’t been able to find many places where they serve authentic Chinese. I thought of giving my quest another shot and decided on Daitchi in South Ex Part-II. I had heard good things about the place, but as they say, experiencing is believing. I called up Ira, who’s now become my partner in culinary crime, and off we went!

The restaurant is comfortably located right in the middle of South Ex Part-II market – you can’t miss it. The inside is fairly standard given the amount of space the designer had to work with. The set up is little more than two rows of tables,  arranged side by side with an aisle in between. Kind of makes you feel you’re eating inside a pantry. Modest decor and standard uniforms complete the ambience. There isn’t much atmosphere – more of a casual, quick-stop meal rather than fine dining.

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The menu offers standard fare. They do have a Japanese section, but it’s those parts of Japanese cuisine that are quite like Chinese, and everyone seems to be offering it these days. Considering Daitchi offers four Japanese dishes, the effort seems to be peripheral.

Our server didn’t seem to understand English. That isn’t a problem in itself, though bi-lingual serving staff are always better. We ordered Fried Wontons for starters and Assorted Vegetables in Garlic Sauce, Chicken with  Baby Corn & Mushrooms and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce and Vegetarian Chow Mein for the main course. Assorted drinks completed our order. The food, I felt was ordinary was unable to distinguish itself. The Wontons were good, but were more wrapper than filling. I’m not sure if it was efficiency or impatience, but the moment I picked up the last Wonton, the main course was served.  The chicken contained many more ingredients than what I had requested. I believe one should either inform the guest of the kitchen’s inability to customise a dish or deliver on the implicit promise. Our server did neither, which wasn’t very nice. The sauce was ordinary, and tasted more like thickened chicken stock. The vegetables in garlic sauce were also quite average in my opinion.

I suggest visiting Daitchi only if you’re looking for a quick meal and not an experience.

– Amit