Christmas Special, Novotel Hotel, Bangalore

If you’re looking for excellent food, a festive atmosphere, and a plan for your Christmas holiday, look no further.

What a difference a new locale makes. I always felt somewhat Grinch-like, in the US, since from early November on, one was inundated with Christmas songs and sales and lights, wherever one went. It was annoying and over the top. Now, drawing close to my second Christmas away from such things, all the little touches make me happy. Christmas carols and songs playing make me go awwww. Oh look, the hotels have life size gingerbread houses and Christmas lights strung up – Yay! And never far from my mind are the Xmas season goodies – plum cake, special cookies, eggnog-yum! I am therefore delighted to find that one can go get a bit of Christmas spirit and food in Bangalore.

Previewing the Novotel Bengaluru Techpark’s Christmas special menu, Christmas came a little early for me, and brought the requisite joy into my world. Alongside an enchanting giant gingerbread house, Christmas carols softly playing in the background, and twinkling lights, Novotel also has a giant, 12 foot tall, chocolate covered Santa welcoming one into the hotel, which you really should go take a closer look at. Covered in 20 kilos of dark, white and red-colored chocolate, this Santa is an imposing sight, and one to sure make you’re hungry for your meal!

The chefs have done a smashing job of infusing the Christmas spirit and mood into the food, and drink too! You will get the chance to feast on special desserts of the season like Stollen, Christmas Cake and that most delectable goodie-plum pudding (with a just perfect brandy sauce). There was also a wonderful mince pie. Running at The Square, as part of the buffet, the Xmas menu will be available for dinner on the eve of Christmas, and for Christmas day brunch. There’s also a Christmas Liquid Buffet, wherein you can choose to drink your dinner/brunch, or add the extensive cocktail collection on to your main meal. Christmas Cocktails (including a lovely spiced Sangria and a most interesting frozen concoction of berries), beer, spirits, and mulled wine are all on offer. Nothing better than a boozy holiday, right?

‘Course, the main attraction, for moi, at any rate, is always the food. I did appreciate what the chefs have done at Novotel; the menu is innovative and festive, with touches of Christmassy stuff, like berry jus accompanying the turkey or chestnuts in the salad. There’s going to be a suckling pig with honey glazed apple sauce, as well as honey roast ham with apple sauce-both of which have me very tempted to going back on the 24th or 25th, let me tell ya! Tarte Tatin and Chicken Liver Pâté will get you off to a fine start to the holiday meal, and the aforementioned desserts will ensure you won’t be anything less than stuffed by the end of it! So, if you’re looking for excellent food, a festive atmosphere, and a plan for your Christmas holiday, look no further.

[learn_more caption=”Christmas Eve Dinner @ The Square”]
  • Dec 24th, 2012
  • 1900 hrs – 2300 hrs
  • Rs 1299 plus taxes  per person (Includes complimentary glass of wine)


[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Christmas Day Brunch @ The Square”]
  • Dec 25th, 2012
  • 1200 hrs – 1500 hrs
  • Rs 1499 plus taxes per person (Includes complimentary glass of wine)
[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Christmas Liquid Buffet@ the Square”]
  • Dec 24th  & 25th, 2012
  • 1900 hrs – 2300 hrs & 1200 hrs – 1500 hrs
  • Rs 650 plus taxes per person (Christmas Cocktails, beer, spirits and mulled wine)
[/learn_more] Seafood Newburg in lobster Shell


By Natasha Ali

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