Christmas at the Beanstalk!

Galaxy Hotels boasts of some of the best hotel rooms in Gurgaon city, complete with a Lazy boy massage chair, a skylight and amazing space. They also have a spa I have been going to for years and the consistency of how they function is commendable.

Their quaint yet comfortable coffee shop is housed in a separate wing along with their restaurants, Monk and Axis and some very nice shops. It is not easy to just walk past their open plan Coffee Shop nestled among the shops, because the aroma of breads and desserts will stop you dead in your tracks, especially now with Christmas season in full swing. I tried their Christmas fare to start the season off with the warmth we all crave; if you’re in Delhi/NCR, you know what I mean!

Having grown up in a strong Catholic community and school as a child, I have had my share of Christmas puddings and cakes; now being married into one, we make our own too! The pudding is supposed to slide down your throat with the warmth of good cheer and settle by your heart like true happiness; that’s what good Christmas pudding ought to do. Thankfully attaining this kind of nirvana involves brandy, rum or cognac (or all three!).

The Christmas pudding at Beanstalk was impeccable. It brought back a flood of childhood memories and put me off making my own this year. It was truly spectacular, served with a delicate yet hugely flavoursome Calvados sauce, this pudding deserves a Cognac flambe for effect and you have yourself a merry merry Christmas! Since the cake had the same fruit, it made for a good addition to a Christmas spread if you want something lighter and more a partner for coffee; the pudding is complete dessert fare in that respect! The mince pies had the perfect balance of fruit and crust, at least for me; I need the crust to bring me the salt when I have the sweet of the mincemeat on my palate; these were filled just right and the crust was buttery like it should be. Another pleasant surprise was the Stollen; the sugar dust on top with its snowy spread is what adds the sugary sweetness, the fruit inside needs to be tart and boozy, and the bread (as its called) has to be flaky with a light crumble. The Stollen at Beanstalk satisfied all those criteria and one shall be sitting on my Christmas table this year! Be sure to enjoy a piece with aged brandy or a rich cognac; you will love it. Drop in and check out the Christmas specials at Beanstalk and while you’re there, try the Irish Coffee as well, goes great with the Christmas menu.

Beanstalk also serves desserts, sandwiches and a variety of beverages. I love the salmon sandwich here; in fact that’s how I started patronizing this coffee shop a year or so back. Among the desserts, my favourites are the ones Chef Rahul has played around with, like the Strawberry Banoffee Pie (yum crust and custard, less caramel and more fruit!), the Lemon Chiffon Pie with perfect peaks, the decadent and nutty fondant and feather light Tiramisu; the Tiramisu cake is my favourite to gift and everyone who has received one has loved it! The desserts keep changing with newer flavours and seasonal goodness, my current new favourite is the Fig and Honey pastry, so Mediterranean! So if you are a dessert person, Beanstalk is a yummy stopover.

Ed: Front cover picture not from this establishment.

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.