Chocolate Just Became Better!

Parul absolutely loved the chocolate and mango flavors at Yogurberry! That’s it’s all low-fat makes things easier.

Happy Birthday Yogurberry!

No, I usually don’t wish yogurts or other such foods on their birthdays or anniversaries. It’s just that Yogurberry is the only one that satiates my chocolate cravings without the usual calories. Now who won’t wish such a product?

Among all the yogurt dessert brands available locally, I love the chocolate flavour at Yogurberry the most, though their real USP is the mixes on offer and that’s apart from the usual toppings! The mixes offered are interesting because they transform a regular cup of frozen yogurt into a full fledged dessert; something that is ‘prayer’ to my ears. I love dessert so much that if someone pitches a low cal one at me, I’m sold. I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake and lovedĀ it; creamy, tart and very delicious. The dessert is made right there on a frozen station by staff who seem to be trained rather well to make a go of it; a huge dollop of yogurt, chop, chop, add the flavours and the add-ons, chop some more and mash it all up into a bowl of absolute delight.

I was suggested their top seller, the Yogurberry Mix; if you are a ‘berry’ person, this one is perfect for you – a mix of strawberry, blueberry and blackberry – a bit too tangy for me but I know enough people who will prefer this to any other. They also have some interesting flavours for mixes like Honey Dew Melon and Pistachio plus experimentative ones like Green tea & Banana, though my favourite as of now is the Peach & Mango, especially since it’s not mango season.

The toppings Yogurberry offers are fairly varied; from blackberries to white chocolate chips and cocoa Krispies among others. One of their specialty products are the parfaits – gorgeous looking servings! You can choose between the Original Yogurt Parfait or the Flavoured Yogurt Parfait, add a cereal, up to five regular toppings and one premium topping to customize your own parfait. I suggest you keep ample space for this treat as it’s very filling. Among yogurt flavours, Yogurberry has what I think are two unique flavours – pomegranate and passion fruit, though mango still remains my personal favourite.

[learn_more caption=”Anniversary Specials!”]To celebrate their 1 year anniversary, Yogurberry is offering a Happy Hours discount of 25% from 4pm to 7 pm every day along with scratch cards for every purchase above Rs. 200, where everyone is a winner, all through December 2012. Check them out at GK M Block Market, Defence Colony Main Market, Great India Place (Noida) and MGF Metropolitan (Gurgaon).[/learn_more]

Korean in origin, they have over 50 outlets in their home country, available in 16 countries, Yogurberry can be found in Delhi NCR and Mumbai as of now though we can expect them to expand further in 2013.