Chef’s Basket – Pasta Box – Cheesy Alfredo

Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket is an easy to store and quick to cook product that represents convenience for most part. Does it measure up and taste as good as the packaging states?

There are quite a few students and bachelors living in the same area as we do, and local businesses reflect this in the composition of their shelves and items on their menus and in their price levels.

I’ve been seeing quite a few ready to eat and ready to cook products appearing in grocery stores, one of them being Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket, priced at what appears to be a reasonable INR 98 at Amazon, down from the regular INR 99. Be sure to keep that money aside for a rainy day, okay?

Let’s see how the product does.

PASS: Packaging, Portion and Storage

The ingredients for Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket are neatly packaged separately.

Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket comes in a Chinese takeaway style cardboard box, with the herb mix, pasta, Alfredo sauce, sea salt and chilli flakes in separate packs. All the packs appear designed to be used without cutting tools like scissors etc, and there’s enough of every ingredient as would normally be required.

It’s easy and convenient to store and makes a standard portion that’s enough for a regular person with a regular appetite. In fact, looking at the box, I’m now thinking I should have served it in the outer cardboard pack! Might have been interesting.

PASS: Preparation

Following the included instructions results in a perfectly cooked batch of pasta, likely how it was intended to be consumed.

Cooking with Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket is easy. The instructions printed on the packaging are accurate and if followed, will result in how the product was intended to be consumed. I followed the instructions on the pack and served the result for Cherie’s lunch. As you can see, it looked great!

FAIL: Texture & Flavours

The product has very little flavour as a whole.

It would be an understatement to say that Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket is devoid of all taste. The main flavour component, the sauce, is smooth and creamy and that’s that. It has no flavour, doesn’t appear to have any cheese at all and adds no taste value to the dish. Apart from the pasta, the only textural element is the sea salt, which is temporary. In any case, we don’t expect a pasta dish to have texture separate from the pasta, though we would like flavour.

FAIL: Health & Nutrition

Going by the printed nutritional information and by taste, the product appears neither healthy nor tasty.

Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket contains a total of 520 calories, not that their packaging makes it easy to count, what with the calories given for a hundred grams each and odd amounts of ingredients. In case you’re curious, the pasta has 327 calories, the seasoning, 2 calories and the sauce, 191 calories. To put that into perspective, it’ll take a 60 kilo person, 3.27 hours of walking at about 3.2 kmph (slow) to burn them off.

The product also contains about 710mg of sodium or about 38% of your daily recommended intake, apart from which there do not appear to be any other nutritional aspects, negative or positive – in my opinion, neither here nor there.

FAIL: Conclusion

I’m happy to consume a product if it’s tasty, even if it’s not as healthy as one might want it to be. I’m happy to consume a product if it’s healthy, even if it’s not as tasty as one might want it to be. Pasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo, by Chef’s Basket doesn’t appear to fall into any of those categories, being devoid of both taste and nutrition. I suggest avoiding it until they fix the sauce, after which it might actually become a welcome respite from the usual.

Brand/ManufacturerChef's Basket
ProductPasta Box: Cheesy Alfredo
Container size237g (total)
PriceINR 98 (on Amazon)
Serving size237g
Pack size90g pasta + 140g sauce + 6g sea salt + .8g seasoning + 1g chilli flakes
Calories per serving520
Calories per container520
Ease of useVery easy
TasteNot Acceptable
Visual appealHigh
Sodium content per serving710mg
Sodium content per container710mg
Significant source ofCalories
Recommended forEmergencies, camping, picnics etc.

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.