Bruijn Dry Roasted Nuts

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]On our visit to Ambience Mall at Vasant Kunj yesterday we came aross a Bruijn store that sold nuts and chocolates among others. The nuts looked good and the pricing seemed interesting. For example, a 100g pack of peanuts was priced at INR 100, almonds at INR 200 and hazelnuts, which I assumed would be pricier than the almonds were the same price, INR 200.

We bought them.

What defines the perfect nut eating experience? For one, they shouldn’t leave an after-taste of rancid oil. Nuts should also be crunchy without a hint of sogginess and finally, they should be evenly salted.

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The almonds were crunchy and mildly smoky, while the peanuts were slightly crunchy, slightly soggy and the hazelnuts mildly crunchy as expected.

After Taste
Both, the almonds and peanuts tasted fine though the hazelnuts had a rancid aftertaste.

The seasoning on all three felt inadequate though that could be for health reasons, as mentioned on the packs. One nice thing about these nuts is that there’s no salt visible on the surface due to the vapor process used by Bruijn and no oily residue (none!) left on one’s fingers.

Cherie’s taste test: Peanuts “normal”, almonds, “smoky like smoked chicken” and hazelnuts, “normal”. She first walked off with the pack of almonds then returned it saying it’s too salty for her and finally decided on the peanuts.

Most other products I’ve experienced, taste the same or better than Bruijn Nuts although these may be healthier… with a premium attached. I spoke with Mr. Surendar Agarwal of Bruijn and he quickly cleared a few issues. The matter of the rancid hazelnuts he says happens about one in 500 purchases, primarily due to cold chain issues that are out of their control combined with environmental factors (heat!) and the oil content in hazelnuts. I would have liked the pack size, manufacturing date and expiry date to be mentioned on the pack rather than the tin cover, as the cover is most likely to be thrown away after opening, which leaves the consumer with no idea of when the product is due to expire. Though that’s stretching it a bit in the case of 100 grams of nuts, it’s still something they may wish to consider.

Should you buy Bruijn Nuts? I wouldn’t, but that’s a matter of taste as they’ve covered all bases from a quality perspective.

Bruijn is a Dubai based company that makes chocolates and nuts among other similar products. Bruijn Website

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