Book Review: The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails

The Tulleeho Book of cocktails is a must-have for your bookshelf!

[singlepic id=1727 w=80 h=92 float=left]I’ve never ventured deep into the world of cocktail mixing, my skills extending to precisely two – a Screwdriver and a Bloody Mary. Then there’s that very special mixture that’s guaranteed to get me grinning like an idiot in two drinks – Beer and Vodka. When The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails arrived in the mail, I can’t say I was thrilled, because cocktails aren’t really my thing. The book ends up growing on you; sitting in a corner and beckoning, perhaps even with a slight mock, conveying one distinct message – you know you want a well equipped bar that can churn out all manner of cocktails and you do have the book… so get mixing!

That’s right. The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails appears to me, with my limited repertoire of alcoholic beverages, both created and imbibed, to be a singularly well written book that’ll help you set up your home bar for maximum impact. Let’s take this step by step.

Contents – Organized into helpful categories like ‘Vodka cocktails’, ‘Holi cocktails’, “Tequila cocktails” and “Monsoon specials” among others, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Introduction – Nothing special here, except that the quality writing that gives you an idea of what you can expect throughout the book. Well written and well edited; nice!

Stocking the Home Bar is a great section that leaves little room for doubt on what you must stock to be able to grin and say, “Of course” to the most unusual cocktail request. The Mixology section too helps to demystify mixing terms and basics.

Sections begin with a useful little introduction and provide all manner of useful information which even the seasoned drinker is going to enjoy reading.

Recipes are well organized, easy to read & interpret and well marked with sufficient meta-data. For example, the recipe for Razzmatazz, apart from the well laid out recipe, also lists, Tullee Triple as the Type, the Glass is mentioned as Cocktail, it’s tagged as a Ladies Special and the level of difficulty for this particular cocktail is Easy. All recipes are similarly tagged, which is a good thing. Recipes are also home to little panels containing interesting little tidbits for instance the recipe for a Vesper includes an informative note on Vermouth.

The Glossary is a much needed feature that’s thankfully present too.

A one stop shop for most imbibers, this is one great book that you must have in your collection. At INR 395, it’s a steal that’ll ensure your home bar never refuses another request.

Ed: Cover photo by Inknuts, the same folks who designed the Tulleeho Book of Cocktails.