BigBasket: Is it worth your time?

Groceries at your doorstep? Too good to be true? We find out, as we get inputs from people all over India, and leave the final verdict to you!

Have you heard of the online grocery shop, BigBasket? Have you ordered from it? I have, consistently, for almost 2 years now.

Most of us work, or support those who do and as such have busy lives that we try to cram full of experiences. This leaves us little time for mundane routine chores like grocery shopping, which is where folks like BigBasket have their work cut out for them. On the face of it, a service such as this provided by BigBasket can be quite a welcome convenience. Are they able to deliver consistently though? Here’s what a few consumers from different parts of the country say.

Akum Raj Jamir from Chennai: “I order almost all my groceries and vegetables and other stuff from big basket since they cater to all the things that I usually require. My experience is quite good, though not 100% since they do goof up at times, especially with vegetables. I do however let them know through emails, where they take care of my grievances by crediting the amount in my wallet.”

Meeta Verma from Greater NOIDA: “I Love the discounts and the reasonable prices and finding stuff like cream cheese, mascarpone and whipping cream, which are otherwise difficult to find in Greater NOIDA. Plus delivery is on-time and the productions in good condition, i.e. fresh vegetables and fruits. I also like the courteous deliverymen and the easy to use app. Having said that I do wish product availability was more consistent and that more popular brands of foodstuff be stocked like Nanaji Papad, Moong badis etc.”

Sandhya Chebiyyam from Hyderabad: “I find BigBasket’s services good only for local produce like potatoes, onions and okra among others. If we order exotic or imported items like avocados or basil, they are usually not in a good state. Breads and diary like cheese is good too. I only order items when I don’t have time to go out for grocery or vegetable shopping. One big positive for me is that they always deliver in the time frame as promised.”

Sid Khullar from Greater NOIDA: “Going by the usual standards we see most businesses applying to their quality aspirations, service roll-out is usually inconsistent at best and product selection is quite location based due to the hyper-local nature of the service. Additionally, given it is local partners who fulfil BigBasket orders, there are numerous occasions when the quality of delivered produce is significantly inferior to what one might have expected.”

BigBasket - A Welcome Phone Conversation

<Mobile Ringing>
BigBasket: Hello sir, I’m calling from BigBasket. Our delivery person is at your doorstep. Can you please come and collect it?
Me: I am not at home currently. Can you please deliver it to my neighbour?
BigBasket: Sure sir. Please let us know if there is any issue with your order.

BigBasket - An Unwelcome Phone Conversation

<Mobile Ringing>
Me: (Hungry and waiting for groceries to arrive so that we can cook) Hello. My order was supposed to be delivered today. There is no communication from your end. When will it be delivered?
BigBasket: I am sorry sir. Could I please place your call on hold?
Me: Yes, sure.
<Call is on hold for 3 minutes>
BigBasket: Sorry for the inconvenience sir, but due to technical issues, your order could not be delivered. We will deliver your order in the next available slot
Me: @#$%*^*!

The Pros of Ordering from BigBasket

BigBasket stocks all sorts of fruits,veggies and other perishable items, and they are generally delivered fresh, at your doorstep, without having to step a foot outside. There are exotic items listed  (not usually easily available) and in case you’re really in a hurry, they have an express delivery option as well. And, if you cannot leave the house and urgently need some items that are not readily available, this is the perfect solution.

The Cons of  Ordering from BigBasket

The delivery system is flawed/overburdened, and many-a-time, my order has been delivered even a couple of days later, with no prior information whatsoever. The fruits, especially, may not be as ripe/unripe, as you want them to be, and can even be unusable immediately, in some cases. The prices are generally slightly higher than the market rates, and of course, you cannot bargain here.

BigBasket – The Verdict

I would order from BigBasket in two situations. First, only if there is no vegetable/fruit market near my house, or if they do not stock items that I require regularly. Second, if I am in a fix, and cannot step out to shop, but want to get items delivered at my doorstep.

What has been your experience with BigBasket? The best comment (on this page) will win an Amazon voucher.