Bay View, Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai

Siddhartha found his meal experiences marred by quite a few poorly executed dishes at Bay View. The rest of the food and the view embellished his evening.

I ceased being a fan of the highly popular Bay View at Fisherman’s Cove many years back. In fact, I prefer Upper Deck, a Mediterranean restaurant at the same resort. Since Upper Deck is closed on Mondays, the five of us decided to dine at the Bay View. A view of the full moon floodlighting the Bay of Bengal greeted us and we instantly knew the food isn’t necessarily what everyone was here for.

Our meal started with one disaster after another. We were served Seafood Fritti Martini, batter fried seafood, which we hadn’t ordered. It turned out to be the only dish with passing grades in our first course. Bouillabaisse with tender coconut water sounded interesting in the description but turned out to be flavourless. Similar was the case with the grilled prawns where the fresh prawns were let down by the lack of flavor and seasoning. The grilled calamari more than compensated for the bland prawns; they came drenched in red chilli paste and tasted overwhelmingly of raw red chilli powder. The platter of vegetarian starters wasn’t even half finished by the vegetarians giving it a unanimous vote of no-confidence.

The mains were far better. Fish manga charu was the show stealer with the tanginess of raw mangoes in perfect balance with the sweetness of coconut milk. The Prawn moilee was good and so was the lady’s finger curry. Flaky parathas, fluffy idiappams and rice all were duly employed to polish it all off with another portion of fish manga charu promptly ordered. The grilled ‘fish of the day’ ordered by one of the diners was a letdown, though, with the raw chilli paste of the calamari making a repeat appearance in this dish.I should clarify here that even when the dishes were not executed well, the freshness of the seafood was never in doubt.


[quote type=”center”]even when the dishes were not executed well, the freshness of the seafood was never in doubt.[/quote]


The chef came over to apologize but emphasized that the marinade/rub was fresh and authentic.

While we were preparing to order dessert we were served kulfis with compliments from the chef. This was the best kulfi I’ve eaten south of the Vindhyas and possibly the best ever dish served gratis.

Would I visit Bay View again? Yes for the view and sea breeze and I’ll stick to the curries next time.

Ed: Cover photo not from Bay View, Fisherman’s Cove.

By Siddhartha Singh

a well travelled, enthusiastic foodie who doesn't suffer culinary fools. He has an overwhelming passion for food, be it a tasty morsel off a street side vendor or a gourmet creation from a Michelin starred restaurant. He blogs at Culinary Yatras