BakeBox – A Gift that Keeps on Giving

For those who enjoy baked goods and need a fix every once in a while, BakeBox is a nice solution because it’s something different every month, and there are always added freebies.

I received the BakeBox Valentine Box and as first impressions go, it was delightful. Beautifully packaged in signature red and white colours with Valentine motifs as adornments and a little load of freebies that made this feel like quite the gift. The Valentine Box included an assortment of baked sweets that were set such that there was no smudged icing or smashed cookies. A few products included handwritten “love notes” which was a thoughtful add on.

Pretty and Yummy
Pretty and Yummy

The sequence started with Breakfast in Bed, which included .granola I had all of it, I’m a big fan of granola and I found this to be less sweet and lighter than most. I had multiple opinions about the Vanilla spice biscotti with coffee glaze; I liked the texture but I was told it would have been better with a stronger coffee flavour. The Hot Chocolate Stick was a novel addition, a lollipop stick that holds a ball of hot chocolate in solid form, with a marshmallow on top. Simply stir into a cup of hot milk, wait, let it all melt and colour the milk a luscious brown. And breakfast concluded with a dark cookie, the Walnut Mocha Pound Cake Panini sandwiched with Dulce de leche – nice, but I would have liked more caramel half way through. The second section of the box was labelle0, Lunch and included a Hazelnut Kiss Sandwich Cookie (packaged with a note), which was actually one of the finest preps. I personally felt the Brown Butter Sea Salt Blondie was a bit out of place. I could have done with a more luscious flavour, its Valentine time after all! Then came Dinner, which had 2 massive portions of Chocolate-Hazelnut Fudge Cake Truffles and 2 Lemon and White Chocolate Cake Truffles. As truffles they were very palatable but the size was a bite hard to have in one go. Petite truffles are easier to enjoy and one bite size is always better. As far as flavours go, the Chocolate-hazelnut fudge was delightful. The featured baker – The Little Yellow Box uses quality French Vanilla, Barry Callebaut Chocolate and fresh butter for its preparations and bakes in small batches to produce like homemade yet unique bakery products. In terms of value for money, if you price each individual piece, then it’s fairly economical. Since the objective is to try something new, there is a sense of novelty value as well. The featured bakers are usually ones with small set-ups and not necessarily home/novice bakers, so if I were to compare the BakeBox products with upmarket bakeries, then BakeBox is definite value for money.

The freebies that most boxes come with are quite the treat. I have found a lovely chocolatier and discovered a new, local brand of preserves just by sampling through Bake Box. This month included tea by Tea trunk – Ginger Root for him, and Rose Oolong for her, both of which were soothing and subtle. My brother is an avid lover of tea and he was thrilled to find a new brand to patronize. The Seagram’s Nine Hill Wine was sadly passable and went into a cake the next day, but the complimentary chocolates from The Dancing Chef were a befitting touch because for us, after dinner comes dessert, even if dinner is made of dessert!

Reviewer’s Comments: BakeBox is a novel concept and a great way to sample local bakers in the city (its available only in Delhi/NCR), especially those who don’t have store fronts and work mainly on word of mouth. Since it is a box a month, it can be a subscription model much like Fruit of the Month. If you enjoy baked goods and need a fix every once in a while, BakeBox is a viable solution because it’s something different every month. The added benefits come in the form of the freebies. For the Valentine Box, the freebies included: Seagram’s Nine Hill Wine with two glasses for the first 30 people, chocolates from The Dancing Chef for the first 40 orders, tea from Tea Trunk – additional treats that added value to the deal.

By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.