Bagel’s Cafe, Gurgaon

If you’re looking for authentic and delicious bagels make a beeline for Bagel’s Cafe, Gurgaon. Tasty, innovative and a treat to look Bagel’s Cafe is a must try!

Bagels seem to be fashionable lately, what with every other bakery serving ring shaped breads and calling them bagels. A few days back we had the onerous  task of reviewing numerous bakeries in Gurgaon. While we were sampling their goods, a pretty young lady carrying a pretty pink iPhone walked prettily into the bakery with a pretty little child in tow. She walked over to the bagel counter, delicately sniffed (pretty nose!) at one and asked if they were fresh. Now, we had checked out the bagels earlier and they weren’t bagels at all – just bagel shaped bread. After asking various pretty questions, she walked out of the store happily swinging her bag of ‘bagels’.

[singlepic id=755 w=320 h=240 float=left]Featuring two floors, Bagel’s Cafe is a lovely, warm place ideal for cosy breakfasts or long drawn out lunches. The walls have been designed for hanging prints by talented young artists and some of them are quite good!

Thankfully for us, Bagels Cafe is an honest to goodness bagel cafe and serves some of the best bagels in town. The cafe has an interesting menu that makes for a great breakfast, working lunch or light dinner. We tried wheat and white bread bagels (toasted and untoasted), a tuna melt, club BLT, country style stew, a chocolate smoothie and a slice of their apple pie. The bagels were excellent and so were the delicious cheese flavors, which the cafe produces in house using imported, high quality cream cheese. While all the flavors were great, the onion flavored cream cheese was to die for and I found myself dipping into it time and again. The country style stew was warm, meaty and comforting – a definite choice when you’re there.

Bagel’s Cafe is planning a very interesting Christmas period with stuff like gingerman cookies, fruit cakes, stolls, dutch stroopwafel cookies, woman cookies, gingerbread house kit, gift hampers with a Dutch Christmas touch to them that include Dutch oven mittens and pot holders. Of these, I find the gingerbread house kit the most interesting, because you can actually build the house yourself with your children, decorate it and keep it on your table before and after Christmas! Innovative huh?

I do think the service needs a little attention. It isn’t bad, but seems a little slack at times.

If you’re looking for authentic and delicious bagels, Bagel Cafe is your ultimate destination.

– Sid

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