An ode to a hole in the wall: Tandoori Nights

Tandoori Nights is one of those unassuming little restaurants that serves up lovely Indian Chinese, and Natasha and friends go back for more on a regular basis.

We all know of such places, the little hole in the wall restaurant that looks a tad dingy and is maybe in a congested or dirty alley, but where the food is so good, you find yourself going, or else ordering take out or delivery from it, often. Soon after I moved to Bangalore 2 years ago, Tandoori Nights in Jayanagar became just that place for me. It serves both North Indian and Indian Chinese fare, and for the most part, my friends and I prefer the latter. There are a couple of kebabs that they make that are outstanding – the Lasuni Tikka  (125) has the most tender and moist chicken ever! On an afternoon work lunch, we ordered 4 plates of the tikka, once I’d introduced the others to its delight. The curries, however, are gloppy and sometimes oily, so I usually abstain, though friends and colleagues like them. The Chinese though, is a whole ‘nother story: desi style Chinese at its best.

Manchurian, Szechwan, Hunan – all make their appearance on the veg and non-veg (prawns, fish and chicken) menu. Dragon Chicken (130) is my favorite starter; a sizable helping of spicy and delicious fiery colored chicken pieces. There are numerous prawn starters (140) and I’ve tried and enjoyed the Chilly and Hot Garlic versions. They do a really good job of both fried rice and noodles, so for me its generally a toss up between the Park Inn Special Fried Rice (125) or Singapore Chicken Fried Rice (110), and the Mixed Noodles (120) or Szechwan Chicken Noodles (110). The portions for the rice/noodles are generous and can easily be split between two people or two meals. They have about 20 plus gravy items as well, and the ubiquitous Chopsuey and Chowmein. Pure non-vegetarian that I am, I have never really ventured into that portion of the menu, but my non-meat eating friends are quite happy to tag along, so that says something.

Ordering in lunch or the gang heading to Tandoori Nights happened every so often at my old job, and even when we ordered extra planning to take it home for dinner, usually it would disappear! I sadly now live outside the home delivery area, so I only eat there when I am in the neighborhood and stop in with friends or else bring my favorite order home to enjoy when alone. There have even been times when I have worked my errands around being able to pick up a meal from there! There is talk that this little place will either shut down or have to move next year. I sure hope its not the former, for there are many die-hard fans who would miss the food, yours truly included!