Amiamo La Pizza! Festival at Mezzaluna, Movenpick Hotel

Natasha enjoyed the gourmet pizzas and Italian wine at Mezzaluna’s pizza festival, and was amazed by the incredibly good pricing, making this a must-try festival!

Here are the reasons you most definitely should make a trip to Movenpick Hotel’s Mezzaluna Restaurant by the 21st of this month, even if, like for me, its a very long journey (half way to our ‘in the boonies’ airport)!

  • A festival featuring pizzas from different regions in Italy (Sicily, Naples, Genoa, Veneto)
  • Thin crust, wood fired, gourmet pizzas, with the option of whole wheat crust
  • Unusual and delicious pairings and toppings
  • 7 types of pizza to choose from, for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians, each
  • The incredibly good pricing on both, pizzas (INR 450-550) and wines (INR 250 a glass). At a 5 star!
  • Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Pouring action
Pouring action

A bunch of us bloggers ate our way through a selection of the pizzas, trying both the regular and whole wheat crusts. I have always been a fan of whole wheat crust – its crunchier and feels lighter, and is not often on menus locally. Though I am not a fast food pizza fan, gourmet pizza is a weakness of mine – the heavenly melted cheese, the crisp crust, the myriad toppings. So suffice it to say, I was in pizza heaven. And then, the wines! We were served 3: Templi Sicilia red wine, Bel Colle red wine and La Vele white wine. A wine consultant from Italy, Eva, was there with us that afternoon to talk us through the wines and pairing them with the right pizzas – an added dimension to the meal.

Parma and Rucola
Parma and Rucola

Hard core, non vegetarian me, liked one of the veg pizzas, Braccio di Ferro, the best. Caramelized onions, feta cheese, and spinach tossed with garlic made this a winner. The rucola leaves, parma ham and balsamic soaked figs Pizza E Fichi came a close second – it was crunchy thanks to the salad leaves, and how can a pizza with figs and ham ever be bad, I ask you?! Right up alongside it was the basil pesto, roasted pine nuts, fontina cheese and smoked chickenĀ Genovese; I especially loved that they added pine nuts – the flavors were robust and delicious. In fact, the only pie not to win fans was the spicy lamb and mozzarella Bufalina, where the flavors and chewy meat did not go down well. The Fromaggi, four cheese pizza, was rich and packed with four distinct cheese flavors.

We ended our meal with Movenpick’s own ice cream, and my favorite flavor therein, Strawberry. More than one person in our group swore to return before the festival ends on the 21st, and I urge you to check it out. Gourmet pizzas with the freshest of ingredients and interesting combinations, at that price, are not going to be easy to come by!

Photos courtesy Swapna Venkatesh

By Natasha Ali

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