All American Diner, Burger Promotion

The All American Diner is running a burger promotion at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. We checked it out for you.

It appears the chaps at OldWorld Hospitality don’t rest much, what with promotion after promotion featuring at their restaurants. This time it’s the turn of Executive Sous Chef Pawan Uppal at All American Diner, Habitat World, IHC. He’s come up with a burger promotion menu featuring four vegetarian and four non vegetarian burgers. The four vegetarian burgers are:

  • Vegetable Spinach Burger
  • Thousand Island Burger
  • Blackened Tepenade Burger
  • Tofu Veggie Burger

The four non vegetarian burgers are:

  • Jerk Chicken Burger
  • Marinated Stuffed Blue Cheese Burger
  • Charmoula Grilled Fish Burger
  • Lamb Dumpling Burger

We tried the Vegetable Spinach Burger, the Blackened Tepenade Burger, the Charmoula Grilled Fish burger and the Lamb Dumpling Burger. Our guest this evening was Semene and she confessed it was the very first time she ate a vegetarian burger!

The Charmoula Grilled Fish Burger seemed to use a variant of the well known Charmoula marinade and was delicious! The Lamb Dumpling Burger was nice, but a bit unwieldy though you can’t go wrong with tomato basil sauce. I have no idea why the Blackened Tepenade Burger was named so because it didn’t seem to contain any tapenade. It did have a hunk of grilled cheese accompanied by bell peppers and lettuce and I found it to be neither here nor there. Paneer lovers on the other hand may like the thick chunk of grilled cottage cheese. Finally, the Vegetable Spinach burger was  delectable! Non vegetarians may find it a bit tame, but then they wouldn’t order it anyway.

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As with everything else about the All American Diner, the burger promotion is worth a visit if you’re passing by, though I cannot recommend a special visit due to the sparseness of the burger menu. The burger promotion is available all through the month of March and can be had from 11:00am to midnight.

Pricing: Rs. 200 to Rs 325 per burger + taxes

– Sid