Abbey Road Cafe, Gurgaon

Abbey Road Cafe is a new venture in DLF Cyber City and we tried their menu and cocktails. A visit or two is definitely recommended. Their prices aren’t bad too!

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]It really is scary to see so many people from non-hospitality backgrounds entering the restaurant business. Obviously they’re led by a heart that’s full of joy, hope and delicious anticipation. The head on the other hand must be screaming itself hoarse, pointing to well known statistics that only one in five restaurants succeeds. It must surely be directing the entrepreneurs attention to the long hours, finicky customers, gristly reviewers, temperamental staff and prima donna chefs who will make the restaurateur’s life a waking nightmare. The heart however usually wins, and leads the future restaurateur away with a smug and confident smile.

One does however appreciate the gumption, courage and initiative of those who do take this route. The story of Abbey Road Cafe is similar, with two young entrepreneurs following their hearts and diving into the mostly murky, sometimes glamorous experience of owning a restaurant.

Built as a small street with seating on the ‘wayside’, Abbey Road Cafe has 85 covers, is well lit and has quite a cheerful atmosphere. It features a delightfully schizophrenic menu from which you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one dish. I’m quite sure the foodies amongst us will end up ordering at least two or three dishes each.

We tried their New England Sea Food Chowder (165), Minestrone (125), Caesar Salad (175), Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with White Wine and Mushroom Sauce (225), Pizza Al Prosciutto (195), Quiche Lorraine with Cheesy Cream Sauce (295) and Tiramisu (155) along with a couple of their signature cocktails. They’re planning to start Sunday brunches too.

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What do I think of the food? I’m really not sure what to make of it. The Caesar Salad was without doubt, quite good. All the other dishes had their own issues, but carried themselves off well on the whole. The New England Sea Food Chowder was mildly creamy and subtly flavored with bits of shrimp and potato in every mouthful… with the notable lack of other seasonings that go into a chowder. The Minestrone was… well, like a Minestrone, over-herbed. The prosciutto pizza tasted good and would have been better without the oily base. The Quiche Lorraine wasn’t a Quiche Lorraine and the one dish I didn’t like one bit. The Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli definitely needed some ricotta in there, but was nice all the same, even without any discernible white wine in the mushroom sauce. The Tiramisu was alright. The cocktails were great and I left Abbey Road Cafe with a standing challenge to try one of their lethal combinations… which I will shortly. I also felt the bread served with the soup was microwaved, and that’s not a very nice thing to do to a perfectly fine hunk of bread. Abbey Road Cafe has some service issues, which I’m sure will be solved soon.

So, this review praises the ambiance, then criticizes the food and service. Should you visit?

Yes. Do visit Abbey Road Cafe and work your way through the menu, finding dishes you like and experience their very nice cocktails. The criticism of the food is present because that’s the nature of this article. The entire experience in this case however, was good and I for one, will be going back there to try out more stuff from that very interesting menu and guzzle a few of those cocktails.

– Sid
PS: In case you’re wondering, yes, one of the owners is a Beatles fan.