Rest or not to restaurant

The more I think on the lines of opening a restaurant, the more I like it. The problem is, do I really want to sink all my savings into an iffy venture? If you think it’s a cakewalk, think again. There’s loads of stuff to buy just to equip the kitchen, permissions and official sanctions to be taken and whether I like it or not, hefty amounts cash to be paid to the right people under the table to get liquor licenses. Did I mention the premises? No? Well there’s premises to be rented, which I am happy to share, costs in the vicinity of 4,00,000 to 6,00,000 rupees per month in a location with a decent number of footfalls.


Finally, we come to the décor and furniture. The dining area will need to be outfitted and so will be the little office, which I plan to populate with ergonomic office furniture, a printer and computer perhaps some normal office equipment and stuff considering the amount of time I’ll be spending there. Yes, I’ll be in the kitchen, but then someone has to calculate the taxes, pay the bills and place the orders – who else but chef, runner, sous chef, owner, shopper and receptionist rolled into one – Sid Khullar?


– Sid